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SAFC 0 vs BFC 0, Match Report.

October is a mad month games wise, we have a tough run coming up, after a frustrating draw vs Preston on Saturday, it felt like we could really do with a win tonight? Having missed the game on Saturday it…

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Blackpool Tomorrow

October is mental, 2 games a week⚽️ In the bizarre season of lockdown, they beat us 1-0 twice, we were shite in the home game and they scored a worldie. We played well at their gaff and didn’t deserve to…

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SAFCBlog Sunday SPZL

Wasn’t at the game yesterday, but an ok result and by all accounts from those I’ve spoken to, an ok performance? iphone memories was nice enough to remind me today that on this day 1 year ago, we were getting…

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SAFC 0 vs PNE 0 – Guest Blog SPZL

  SAFC 0-0 PNE Super Saturday I wasn’t  lying about these bastards 🐦  I’m aware of the current pressures of keeping up with the current standard of this cutting edge piece of journalism. But a 0-0 draw doesn’t help circumstances…

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SAFC 0 vs PNE 0 vs Lancaster Uni, (Away)

Fucking love football, I really do. But it is just a game “you’re in good mood dad??????” Don’t do emotions too much, so off to the garage to buy a load of White Magnums, Scooby Snacks❤️X

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Preston Guest Blog Preview 6 year old photographer on trial Saturday- given the recent calibre of imagery, it can’t really get much worse can it? She’s having a day off pouring glitter on the carpet and stuffing crisp packets down…

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SAFCBlog IT Masterclass


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SAFCBlog ‘Guest is Best SPZL’

Rare emotional moment…. SAFCBlog is about my relationship with SAFC, but football a lot more than that and the mates, laughs, mishaps etc are a huge part of watching SAFC and naturally a huge part of my life. Off to…

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SAFCBlog Wednesday Words & Pictures

Whilst Garry ‘hotpants’ Summerson and Kris Day comment on every article, feedback is generally limited, the best, kindest & most realistic assessment of SAFCBlog is prolific…. In response to the dick who asked, “do we really need a blog everyday?”,…

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SAFCBlog Tuesday Club

2 weeks not 5 Rearranged date for Millwall a bonus, the feared 5 week break is looking more like 2 weeks, huge bonus that, 2 weeks without footie will be tough, 5 weeks would be significantly tougher. Projected Misery 0…

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