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Journey South…..

Whilst Bristol is miles from anyway, Sheffield is not far from where I live at all✅ Piece of piss✅ Regular readers, (**), will be aware that the SAFCBlog Photographer is shite at taking photos, it’s a low bar, but Shirley someone can do better than this?

Pre Match….

Few pints out of town with some Sheff U fans we know, who are lovely people🍺⚽️

Championship 10 vs League One 0

We had 4 long years in the abyss, The Premiership is and will remain the best league in the world, The Championship is light years ahead of League 1…… it’s just loads better, our first 2 games at Bristol and sheffield have been watched by circa 46’000 fans, I’m guessing there will be 20’000 at Stoke on Saturday? The equivalent 3 away games last season were MK, Burton & Fleetwood

The Match⚽️

Was always going to to be a tough game tonight, there will always be defining moments in games, I’ve not seen any TV footage, but as I saw it…..

  • We started well, a pretty even contest for 30 minutes
  • Red card, it looked fair enough under the rules of the game? Shocking pass to put Neil in that situation
  • 0-1….Great corner > shit defending > they will score plenty from corners > we will continue to concede, (having 10 men was irrelevant to the conceding the goal)
  • 0-2….. good move by them, not great defending from us….. long night now?
  • Playing without a heart is impossible > we now have a heart > great finish from Gooch after a great ball from Stewart > they hit the post > 1 good/1 great/1 sublime save from Patterson, the one low to his right looked incredible? Realistically once we scored, the way we might get something out of the game was to keep it at 1-2 and wait for a chance/break – it didnt happen, but LJ loses that game 7-1, 100%
  • The ref was shite, but they deserved to win, but lots of positives again….. we currently sit 11th….. somewhere between 10th and 14th is my hope and that would represent good progress
  • Whilst I was a bit confused in real time by the triple substitution…… it’s becoming apparent that Alex Neil is one smart cookie

Ballboys, (and girls)….

They’ve been around for ages, it’s a simple concept? I’ve not, (as yet), worked as a Matchday Coordinator at a Championship club, but Shirley these lads and lasses need to be pitchside? They had less touches than Elliott Embleton had in the first half?

We go again Saturday > all roads lead to Stoke > match preview sometime before the game > FTM

Footnote…… if anyone applying for the SAFCBlog Photographer Position, has any idea how to use WordPress, the jobs yours✅ Can’t insert any images…. if you can bothered, read the follow up article

JOBS FUCKED – can’t insert pictures….. sometimes words are better than pictures?

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