2019/20 SAFCBlog Awards

Given that the EFL have no spine and are going to just make up the rest of the seasons results, our season is prematurely over. Lots been said about this and whilst self interest and self preservation make a member vote facial, here’s a thought……

  • When Wycombe came to the SOL in January they were top of the league
  • They were shite, we won 4-0
  • They’ve dropped  like a stone since, gaining 14 points since their visit to the SOL, (we have gained 24 points in the corresponding time).
  • They are 8th
  • PPG elevates then to 3rd because they have a game in hand. Games in hand aren’t a right lot of use when you are playing shite? They’d do well to finish in the top 10 now?
  • Looking at our fixtures I think we’d come 2nd.
  • Nowt against Wycombe – but it’s just wrong on so many levels, integrity, fairness, sportsmanship etc…. just wrong
  • It genuinely is a farcical way to decide things? We’d be as well getting Declan Donnelly and his pisscan pal to wheel out a clapometer?

Worst Away Performance

Given we aren’t going to play for ages, I may as well look at the 0.86 of the season that was competed for….. before I announce the top 3, a special mention for Bristol Rovers Away, I’m aware we were shite, but I wasn’t at the game, so difficult to include it.


“There’s Juan pound at the end of the rainbow……”

Whilst Bolton have gradually improved, playing them in September was a guaranteed 3 pointer. The Trotters were yet to win after 8 games, they had a minus goal difference of 22. This was an absolute banker? They’d only scored 1 goal all season, (and they lost that game 6-1), they’d also lost 5-0 three times already!

We were awful, Denver got booked early on and then ran ragged – doesn’t help when you’ve got McGeady in front of you? We all know how it turned out with Aiden – this game was the beginning of the end, he was petulant throughout. We got a draw – but what an absolute bag of shite

SAFCBlog can’t control the traffic or the football….. BUT…..it can control the playlist


‘Highlight of the day in Lincoln’
‘The One Direction lads have let themselves go a bit?’

Having survived the cull after the Bolton debacle, Jack looked to have bought some time. A great win at Sheffield United and then a win against Wimbledon seemed to have turned things around? 

Just like the surrender at Peterborough, I really didn’t see this one coming. In fairness Lincoln played with intensity, but we were desperate. It could have been a real hammering – they missed a penalty and were worthy winners. After the vitriol aimed at Jack at Bolton, this atmosphere was different, it was almost as if everyone just knew it had come to a natural end for Jack?

“Disappointed Jack?”………”Aye right enough wee man, I didnae knar wut ta wear, ya ken me? Ooooch, the wee merino soft knit didnae turn oot ta bae the right choice, aye? I’m gonnae get pished the noo”


Three sleeps after a turgid FA Cup game in front of 7’000 ya the SOL, we travelled to Scunthorpe for another waste of an evening. We probably didn’t want to progress in this competition, but every game matters. The evening started really well, I’d always though Scunthorpe was further away, turns out the journey by road is a piece of piss? With time to burn we were able to sample the local cuisine….

Just £3.80 – Tremendous
£3 – no complaints
New flag looks decent

Sadly once the game started it was all downhill, we were absolutely shite. Ironically we were that bad that it was probably the catalyst for our subsequent improvement? Grant didn’t quite come out and say it, but his post match interview pretty said there was a rotten core?

Half time, 0-0 and fucking freezing

SAFCBlog left with 5 minutes to go, at this stage is was only 0-1, but results elsewhere meant even a draw was not enough. We hadn’t looked like scoring once in 85 minutes – we weren’t going to score twice in 5 minutes, (somewhat ironically they managed to though!). Here’s the highlights from the 2019/20, (incomplete), Worst Away Performance…….



A shite free kick


A shite corner

Back tomorrow with a much more cheerful, SAFCBlog Best Away Performance of the, (unfinished), 2019/20 Season….

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