24 Hour Pasty People…..

It’s less than 24 hours til we return to action at the SOL, whichever way you look at it, it’s a BIG game…. MASSIVE…

BIG game ⚽️

The fact we are out of form, have been spanked a few times and have perhaps been found out, makes it a big game – although let’s not pretend that this could be a pivotal 90 minutes for LJ.

Managerial Speculation….

The vitriolic pursuit, (which to be fair hasn’t happened with LJ), of managers is a stain on the game, that said I don’t think there’s anything wrong with discussing the future of managers. Managing Sunderland is a big job, it’s a hugely privileged position, but as with all roles of significant magnitude, it comes with pressure. It can be argued either whether this is fair, I’d be the first to admit that I wouldn’t like such focus on my working life, but the realism is that thousands of people don’t travel the country to watch me in my workplace, (*to the best of my knowledge)

Game of Opinions…..

But……For what it’s worth……

  • I’m not of the opinion that LJ will get this right
  • As simplistic as it sounds, it worries me greatly that we look so easily beatable when teams play the high press?

Can We Keep On Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changing?

  • Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, YES….. We can, 100%. We all know the long term goal, unfortunately the short term goal is providing somewhat problematic, (like 4 years problematic). In recent years we have removed managers without a serious thought to their replacement – although we are no longer owned by a short armed bell end and his pompous dick of a mate, so I genuinely believe any changes made, will very much have a plan in place
  • KLD and his people will know where to go with this, for me we need to get ourselves off the managerial merryground, IF” we do indeed see a change, I’m hopeful of some well dressed, chain smoking French gaffer, it just feels like the solution…..
Someone like this bloke 🇫🇷⚽️

One Way or Another….

Things need to improve soon, or change will inevitably happen, the expectation and size of the club can understandably accelerate this process. I’m a huge believer in clubs being where they deserve to be, I don’t buy into we should be beating teams like…. Etc. Football is an exact science in terms of results = points = league position, (for example shite results = not enough points = 4th season in Division 3). We play Morecambe in a few weeks, whilst I would reiterate we are, (at present), their equals – in many ways we are not…..

Sunderland in League One….
Morecambe in League One….

”This Blog is Negative Shite……”

Fair comment, but we cannot continue to keep going on like this……

BIG Month…..

It feels like ages since a home game, it won’t feel like that soon! We have better players than all 3 of these clubs, I’d expect us to lose to Oxford though, because Karl Robinson is a smart fella? I’ll be right behind the lads tomorrow as I always am, I’m desperate for us to win. See you there ⚽️🔴⚪️⚫️⚽️

Exciting New SAFCBlog Feature……

Regular readers, (*), will know that I’m partial to a bit of music, I occasionally get emails commenting on the music used. So I’ve decided to introduce, Fun Friday Requests, (as straightforward as it sounds). To get us started this one is from Simon Howard ‘Hotpants’ Gill, a retired lorry driver from South Africa…..

SAFCBlog – Not as good as it used to be – FTM

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