3 Wins in 8 Days…. We Head to Burton

Wins = Points = Promotion = Happiness

Winning games is everything, we’ve not really had any proper momentum since we chose to play in Division 3, arguably October under Ross and January under Parkinson, apart from that we’ve not looked like really getting out of this league. The league is harder this year than last, but it does feel like we might just be about to finally be the force we should be at this level…

Half time yesterday – Stop The Count

Positivity Panthers 1 vs Disappointment Rovers 0, (Zimmerman, R, 66)

Anyone who reads this regularly, (yes I know, I know), will know I’m not irrationally optimistic, we are in this league because we deserve to be, if we are still here next season it will be the same synopsis – I just think we are going to do it this time, (not because we are a big club, not because we have any entitlement)…. But because I think after 46 games will will be ahead of the rest, (game of opinions as always).

Marathon not a sprint?

Absolutely, but……

  • At long last we seem to be signing quality over quantity
  • Defence… looks good already, Doyle is class, Cirkin got huge promise, (a left footed left back, what is this lunacy?)
  • Fitness always a factor with the better players at this level, (ultimately if they could stay fit, they wouldn’t be at this level?) but…. Evans and Pritchard are both extremely competent ability wise to be plying their trade at this level
Morecambe next Spring….. Championship Party….. RSVP

Still need to sign a few more?

Yeah we probably do, but only if they are the right people?

GK….. Burge isn’t great, he’s not terrible, but he will make mistakes

RB…. I think we have enough in defence if this doesn’t happen

CF…… Ditto 91 other teams, ultimately we had a 30 goal man last year and still came up short, Stewart ploughing a lone furrow and whilst I’d give him 10/10 so far, he does need help. This help could well be…. Gooch, McGeady, Embleton, getting 25 goals between them? But, we do need another striker…. if the right man is available at the right price….

Will Grigg, (right)….. wrong man at the wrong price……lazy as owt.

All Roads Lead To Burton….

A bit like Ferguson at Peterborough, (the one who hit his Wife not the Man Utd one), it’s understandable to assume that Nigel Clough is the Burton Gaffer? He’s not, it’s Jimmy Floyd Hasselbank, back in the earlier stages of SAFCBlog I referred to us losing to Burton as the biggest humping by Burton since Richard had a go on Liz Taylor, much more professional setup now……

Dame Elizabeth Taylor – loved a Pearl Necklace…..

Are Burton any good?

Yes they are, under JFH they have amassed 50 points from their last 26 games. They’ve won both league games this season, albeit with 35% and 38% possession, a draw would be ok to take into back to back home games, but I think we will have enough possession and quality to return North with 3 points …. SAFCBlog Predicts…. BAFC 1 vs SAFC 2.

We piss this tinpot league 100%….. heard it all before? This time we will 100%….

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