Up Next Portsmouth…..

Proper crap day down there in October…..

Portsmouth…..In Depth Match Preview…..

Like ourselves they shouldn’t be so shite, but they are, been there 4 times in the last 4 seasons, it’s a fucking long way, be nice not to go again ….. SAFCBlog Predicts…. SAFC 1 vs PFC 1

Transfer Talk…..

Danny Bathh……

Weak as piss at the back recently, this Big Bad Bastard is exactly what we need – great signing

Patrick Roberts….

A great addition, he’s not lived up to his potential, but in Division 3, he could be like the McGeady Cheat Code we saw last year, (when did footballers stop having tattoos?)

The Model…. The Masterplan….

In recent times there was no plan, an insurance salesman and his jumped up prick of a pal almost led us to oblivion, but now there is a plan, like others I love Jermaine Defoe, but…..

  • A 39 year old who is unlikely to hit the ground running doesn’t seem like a plan?❌
  • A quality supply line for eighteen goal Ross Stewart and a big bad bastard to shore up the defence does seem like a plan?✅
  • I’m not set on LJ, but nothing would make me happier to see him succeed, let’s respect who he does and doesn’t want at the club✅
  • We all pay our money and make our choices and that’s fine and fair. Personally, I hate hearing shite songs about Garden Sheds and Newcastle, for me I’d like to just hear Sunderland Songs? But that’s just my opinion. Constant Defoe songs tomorrow are about as helpful as the Kevin Phillips for gaffer songs we will hear once he’s won a game as manager of South Shields? ❌

One To Sign….

Whilst he needs a haircut, Cole Stockton has scored 20 goals in League 1 this season for Morecambe, we create loads more than Morecambe. Let’s just sign him eh? £450k should seal the deal? If we don’t Wigan will……


I love it, lots of different genres out there, but sometimes music is just really, really fucking good?

“Dreams they come and go, but thoughts like love will always grow……”

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