A Long Week

I enjoy writing this shite, when we win it’s easy, when we have a midweek game it’s easy, days like today it’s less easy to think of anything to write, but the blog must go on, all about getting to 1000 now🔥

Travel day on Friday, so cutting edge preview tomorrow or Thursday, the rest of our division are playing midweek, I’m guessing these are the fixtures from when the Queen died? We’ve obviously chosen to play our missing game on Saturday 03 December, whilst it would be nice to have a game tonight, it’ll be better to have a Saturday game after 2 weekends without a game.


No midweek game, but at least Friday is sooner than Saturday, I’m looking forward to Friday already, hopefully Birmingham get battered and bruised tonight vs Preston and they tired for the match on Friday? Keep saying it, but let’s just get into them from minute 1.

World Cup

It’s happening, in so many ways it’s wrong and abhorrent, but it’s happening, the real crime was FIFA sanctioning it 7 years ago. We all have choices, I’m less giddy than I normally am for a WC, but I’ve got myself a wallchart and I’m officially in. England play at 1pm, 7pm & 7pm – so early finish for 1pm game, and pizza and beers and best pants on for the 7pm games, be daft not to?

16th – happy with that⚽️

Birmingham Preview

I’ll write some shite tomorrow – we smash these Friday night though, 100%

SAFCBlog – Just 3 sleeps away ⚽️🔴⚪️⚽️ – FTM

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