A Momentary Lapse of Reason; Playoff Spezial

Prior to Saturday we were on the bones of our arse, morale was low, having won a game on Saturday the mood has lifted a little, winning 3-1 is better than losing, Plymouth were dreadful – it matters not though, it’s all about results and never more so than in the playoffs. Realistically not much has changed since 3pm Saturday, but therein lies the beauty of football. I’m pretty balanced, (some would say steady or even boring), in real life – when it comes to football I’m a different person, lots of very successful business people have got involved in football and their head goes to shit, they start making decisions from the heart, despite having carved a successful life using their heads? So yes, it’s just one victory against a piss poor division 3 team, nothing has changed? Like fuck it hasn’t…. winning is everything, and you’re only as good as your last game. It’s irrational, it’s Beans or Steak, it’s Famine or Feast, it’s Zero or Hero, it’s Whitney or Britney… but, that’s what makes football so brilliant.

Losing to Blackpool, (without even a sprinkle of grated Cracker Barrel finest Cheddar) 0 vs Winning at Plymouth, (with proper fucking onion rings), 1, (Greenwood 69)

100%/4 = 25%

Of course we’ve got a chance, we’ve seen first hand all season how bad the league is this year, if I was a betting man, (which I very much am), I’d say we won’t go up, as we are weak as weak piss at the back and concede too many stupid goals. I’m behind the manager because he’s our manager, I’m not convinced, (game of opinions as always). I don’t think we will go up, although 2 years ago I was convinced we would, I’d love to be proven wrong once again. We certainly can go up, the fact there’s no one any good is a huge advantage and obviously I’ll change my mind a few times over the next few weeks.

Blogging a Deed Horse….

I’m writing shit loads of this shite at present, ironic really as there’s a pretend Social Media Blackout in operation til tomorrow. The truth is we are all desperately craving normality, whatever your normal may be, every Friday I clean my SAFC PIE TIN, and stock with Scottish Eggs, Pork Pies, Sausage Rolls…. arguably not what a man of my social standing should be doing on a Friday, but it’s what I do in the normal world…..

To the uneducated it’s essentially a limited capacity metal box…….
……please enter my box….
…. Dare to Dream🔴⚪️⚫️

One Moment in Time…..

I’m more Britney than Whitney, (RIP), but we are headed into a 4 way playoff where no one is any good…. SAFCBlog is keen and vigilant to stay relevant… but sometimes it’s all about the Win?

……. each September a good pal of mine invites me to Ripon Races for Ladies Day, as a rule I’m not keen on people or doing stuff, so doing stuff with people is not my preferred scene? 3 consecutive years it meant missing a home game, (better than missing an away game), Sheff Utd, then Oxford, then Fleetwood…. the pal who was kind enough to invite me actually sponsors the day, she makes hats, ladies like hats, and before you can say Oversized Teeside Munter, I was tasked with judging Best Dressed Lady…. theres 2 types of Beauty Contest… one where people are chosen and one where people choose to enter… somewhere in Teeside a unit in an orange dress, (2 sizes too small), with skin to match said dress is basking in the glory of her win…. as I always say…. a wins a win…. let’s just get promoted eh?

Magic Moments….

Our defence worries me greatly, but playoffs are a bit like cup finals, it’s all about key moments?

We will concede goals, which means we need to score goals…. we need Big Moments…. big players provide these moments….. not Scowen, not Power, not Winchester….. McGeady looks knackered, we’ve got a few games left…. BIG games…. which need BIG moments …. from a BIG player….

Everything is relative ….. see you in the Championship ⚽️🔴⚪️⚫️

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