A Very, Very, Very, Very Sunderland Tuesday Night….

I was massively confident we’d win on Tuesday, I actually thought we’d win easily, whilst it could be strongly argued that I’m an idiot, it was just such a Sunderland result and performance. A few observations……

  • We were poor ✅
  • The pitch was poor ✅
  • LJ said, “we absolutely dominated the game” ❌
  • The pitch was the same for both teams ✅

It was a horrible watch, whilst much was made of the pitch, to be fair to Plymouth, they were better on the ball than us, they scored after 11 minutes with a lovely crisp passing move. Yes the pitch was shite, yes it should be better, but under no circumstances can this be a legitimate excuse? Plymouth came and had a real go, but why wouldn’t they, the 5 teams below them who have visited the SOL have either won or drawn. In a normal year, such a desperate home record would be due to the expectation of the fans, teams raising their game, teams coming to defend, it being everyone’s cup final etc…., this was never a particularly strong argument, the last 10 months have proven this to not be an argument at all?

3-0 to 1-2 in 3 days ……

A 3-0 away win is brilliant, we all want SAFC to succeed, we embrace such results with enthusiasm. Realistically we weren’t very good at Wimbledon….. we scored early and then laboured for 80 minutes, if this was 2 months ago under Parkinson the Social Media outrage would have been rife? I’m 100% behind LJ, he seems a decent fella, I love the club, I’m desperate for them, (and him), to succeed. The tenure of Jack Ross came to a natural end, the Wembley tactics & Lincoln away sealed that deal, I never lost faith in Parkinson, whilst it might not tick the remit of Social Media, we were doing ok? We lost 2 of his 13 games, we’ve now lost 2 of 7 under LJ. I’m not for for one moment using this as a criticism of LJ, more a plea to say, can we just give our manager a chance ….. the last 2 years there wasn’t any point going up as we’d have come straight back down, this season has the potential to be different, as in the event of going up, we would hopefully be able to recruit players of the required quality. Watching Sunderland excites me, I’m desperate for the players to succeed, but does it worry me that the entire, (almost), squad is out of contract in June? It’s a big fat NO from SAFCBlog.

Same Old, Same Old…..

I’ve not, (to date), managed a professional football team, I concede it might not be as simple as it sounds, but we lack pace and we have for years. We are so pedestrian it’s untrue.

Breaking the Cycle……

When something isn’t broke, it doesn’t need fixing….. we need fixing in a big way, it’s not easy but we need to somehow break the sequence….. it’s not Will Griggs fault we paid too much for him, but it’s 2 years now and he’s offered nowt. 5 years ago yesterday Danny Graham left us for Blackburn, he’d only managed 1 goal in 37 games for us, (and that was a fucking accidental defection off his arse at Everton), he did well at Blackburn, scoring 52 goals over 3 seasons….. he came back in August, he’s not scored a league goal in 12 games. I don’t know the answer, but there must be one? Fresh start? We need to have a proper fresh start under our new owners…. completely fresh! This season is a massive opportunity, this is our 3rd season in Division 3, the standard the last 2 seasons has been shite, this year it’s really shite.

Up Next….. Shrewsbury at Home

First and foremost, best wishes to ex SAFC assistant boss and current Shrewsbury gaffer Steve Cotterill with his recovery from COVID.

They are 17th, SAFCBlog predicts …. SAFC 1 vs STFC 1. I’m hugely passionate about SAFC, on Monday when I previewed the Plymouth game, I almost felt sorry for Plymouth as we were going to absolutely destroy them….. football is beautiful, it’s emotional, heart and head are two hugely different emotions, my mood as regards SAFC is up and down like a whores drawers, that’s just how it is as a fan with a heart and a head, (in that order!)

2 sleeps and we go again…. I wouldn’t want it any other way – FTM

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