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  • Howdy, adminLog OutSkip to contentMENUSAFC Blog – following Sunderland AFCMatchday MadnessMENU Leicester 1 vs SAFC 0 – in review8 years ago today we were handing Newcastle their arse for the 6th time in row, mixed fortunes since then, but still very realistic they may never beat us again, (* at football)(*) We couldn’t compete with them in the area of, marrying children, Beheading journalists, employing corrupt players and just generally being the gift that keeps on giving – FTMLast night we played a Leicester team who look on course to piss this league0 points is 0 points, but so much better than Saturday at Stoke8pm – kick offNearly thereSo so many more questions than answers….Nearly went 1-0 up by all accounts? I missed this, as was still outside trying to do a deal on a scarf8.10pm –let’s do this 8.12pm – 0-1Similar soft goal to Saturdays decider, a free header from 4 yards from a corner, whether it be keeper or defenders at fault, it’s a shite way to concede. Teams will target this weakness moving forward, it needs sorting ASAP, we all know Luke has a lovely smile, saves dogs, has a heart etc, but he’s not a CH – Danny Bathh doesn’t save dogs etc, but he is a big bastard CH?Patterson save onto post a great saveCouldn’t really see penalty appeal, but it turns out it was a penalty all day long….Penalty !!Penalty !!Penalty!!half time 0-1, (penalty not given)full time 0–1Played well 2nd half, a bit more composure in the attacking areas and we don’t lose, but we did lose.Ref watchProbably up to the lino to give the penalty? The penalty aside, another piss poor showing from the ref, I accept he’s duty bound to stop the game for head injuries, but it’s becoming ridiculous, Shirley it’s time to not stop the game and just allow the sponge man on whilst the game continues?Stoppage time…. In the 2nd half there were, 5 subs, a 2 minute stoppage, a 3 minute stoppage, the ball in the crowd for 1 minute, lots of timewasting…. 5 minutes were added on, during that 5 minutes there was a 2 minute stoppage and a substitution, so we should have played to 99 minutes at least, the ref blew on 95 minutes, it’s an absolute fucking joke5 minutes = 90 seconds playPlayer ratingsPatterson – some decent saves, distribution poor, any keeper benefits from a strong #2 / competitionHuggins / Hume – I get them mixed up, both seem to do ok last night?O’Nien – not his fault, but not for me at CHBallard – immense every game Ekwah – love him, but not fit and blowing out of his arse on 60 minutesNeil – he’s good at football, needs to practice his shootingRoberts – frustrating this season, looked better 2nd half than he has for ages, just needs to take 1 less touch / look upClarke – very good at football, now marked by 2 or 3 players each gameBellingham – young, can’t play every week, poor at Stoke, worse last nightBurstow – no idea, looks crap but probably isn’t? Reminds me of Ashley Fletcher, he will be good but possibly not for ussubsCirkin – naturally left sided player on the left a positive, sadly injuries will probably stop him having the career his talent warrantsRigg – did well, he will have a wonderful careerAmir – I don’t like the scapegoat culture, but fucking hell….. he had 6 opportunities to head the ball but didn’t, if he turns out to be another George Weahs cousin, I’d not be hugely surprised. I’d be tempted to give the Russian kid, (who we chased and paid a fee for), a run out on Saturday?Ba – lively, I assume he’s young? Huge missTony Mowbray Good to see the bodywarmer backTraffic shite on the way, drive home a piece of piss and home for 12.30pm, never that busy round here SAFCBlog – Labrador Media Systems – FTM
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