Absolute Shocker at Wigan – Piss Poor

Playing catch up slightly, but we are still very much in the race

7 games left, we probably need somewhere in the region of 16-18 points from these games, that will require a very good run of form, the kind of run we embarked on after our last defeat. It doesn’t really matter where the points come from, but realistically we need to win tonight to head into the next tranche of games with the right mindset. It’s been a frantic season, after tonight we play, 4th on Saturday, 1st on Tuesday, 12th on Saturday, 4th on Tuesday. Like everyone else I’ve no idea what’s going to happen, but I definitely think we will know our fate by the end of this month.

Game of opinions – although if we need to win the last 2 games, we 100% will

So out of the two ‘PWords, let’s ignore the one that isn’t Promotion for the time being, we need to remain positive, yes Blackpool are not bad, but if can we win tonight, we head to the seaside and we win the game – it’s not like they will be targeting us as an easy game? As aforementioned we don’t know what’s going to happen, I’ve just got a horrible feeling it might be… 2 draws with Blackpool, then 2 tough games vs them in the knock out phase, resulting in the victor being knackered and consequently losing to someone shit like Lincoln at Wembley, (think Portsmouth and Charlton 2 years ago)…. thankfully I know fuck all and there’s absolutely no veracity to this idea.One game at a time…. let’s get tonight done – SAFCBlog predicts WAFC 1 vs SAFC 3 or 4

Win tonight – no bother

Pre Teamsheet Teamsheet Thoughts…

I wrote on Saturday about my desire to see Chris Maguire involved and the reasons why, given he was used in the U23’s yesterday, it’s safe to say he isn’t in the plans. Obviously my view is uninformed and from afar, but there must be a reason for his exclusion away from what he can do with his feet? Given it’s looking like he isn’t going to figure in the squad moving forward, there’s possibly legs in the alleged and unproven suggestion of the pivotal role of Maguire in the breach of Covid regulations that led to the games in December being called off.

Lee normally makes 2 or 3 changes, I’d expect at least that tonight. It would be good if Wright was fit to partner Sanderson, if he is that’s a no brainer, given that he seems to have been about a week away from fitness for a month or so, I’ll assume he’s not available. At least it sounds like he will be available soon, and after the horrible injury to Willis and suggestions he was perhaps rushed back, we’ll see Bailey when we see him?

Leadbitter surely must replace Scowen, I think Winchester is better than Scowen and whilst he puts a shift in, Scowen was weak as piss for the Oxford goal and he inexplicably smashed the ball into his own net from 2 yards vs Charlton, (bizarre how he seems to have got away with that?). Gooch has been a good player for us, he’s not playing well though – Jones should come in for him. So….


O’Nien Sanderson McLaughlin Hume

McGeady Power Winchester Leadbitter Jones


Actual Teamsheet Teamsheet Thoughts…

A lot closer than I normally am! No Winchester in the squad so assume he’s got a knock? I guess Diamond ahead of Grant is perhaps a nod towards the weekend, given Grant can’t play twice in a week and we potentially need him more for the Blackpool game?


Late change….. McLaughlin injured in warm up, Wright now plays, Winchester now on the bench

“Yeah geezer, it’s warm, multiple pockets and I got it free from the club shop”

1 minute….. “the sound of silence”. It took a while to get used to watching games with no crowd noise, for some reason tonight there is no noise at all…. the lack of players shouting and swearing strangely feels like as big a transition as it was going from crowd to no crowd? Very fucking weird!

This is mental – I can handle missing crowds, although missing no crowds is a strange one?

15 minutes….. we are all over these, had 6 corners and should have had a penalty. Early days, but Jones and Diamond scaring the life out of these…..

Only a matter of time????

31 minutes….. McGeady > Wyke > 1-0

Wkye, (left)

41 minutes…. 1-1 …. shite defending, Wigan offered nowt, but at any level when you allow the ball to bounce in the 6 yard box, you are likely to concede

half time…. we need to win, Wigan are crap

59 minutes…. shocking, regardless of the opposition, you’re always likely to concede open goals from 2 yards

30 minutes left…..that’s sufficient time

Full time …. 1-2… weak as piss tonight Lads

Fair dos to Wigan, hugely disappointing- it’s not a relevant comparison but Social Media would be burning Phil Parkinson at the stake if this was November.

I’m generally pretty positive….. but that was absolutely shite…. goodnight.

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