Accrington Stanley Preview

Accrington Stanley v Sunderland AFC preview

Saturday 14th September sees us return to action after the International Break; we are headed to familiar territory – Accrington Stanley. The match will be our 4th visit to the Wham Stadium in 10 months. Our first ever visit there last December, was a bit Marti Pellow, to put it mildly……

Why does it always rain on me?

The wettest football match ever!! Accrington Stanley v Sunderland AFC Accrington Stanley v Sunderland match cancelled due to a water logged pitch Waterlogged pitch at Accrington Stanley V SAFC

“Give it another 10 minutes ref, it’s brightening up over there?”

Common sense prevailed

The rematch was just three days after sharing the Checkatrade Trophy with Portsmouth, courtesy of a 2-2 draw, and saw a 3-0 win, which was arguably the best we played all season, (certainly post Christmas).

After a couple of 1-1 draws to start the season, we gained a much needed boost in the cup at Accrington Stanley a few weeks ago….

Sunderland beat Accrington in the Carabao Cup

Sunderland beat Accrington Stanley in the Carabao Cup

Burnley in the next round….. easy …..beat them 3-1 I’d say?

Sunderland’s 4th visit to Accrington

Having never played at Accrington Stanley this time last year, we are preparing to visit there for the 4th time…….

Here we go again…..

“Feel like I’ve been down this road before…. one of the most pleasant drives in our green and pleasant land”

A59 – not great for cyclists

It would be easy to rework previous SAFCBlog previews rather than write new stuff; lazy journalism not my bag though…… the most famous person to hail from Accrington is probably David Bumble Lloyd. 

He’s famous for having something to do with cricket. He’s not the same David Lloyd who has a load of tennis clubs and gyms and not to be confused with tenniser John Lloyd, who was lucky enough to have a go on Chris Evert…

Famous folk from Accrington….(or nearby) maybe

Chris Evert-Lloyd….. stunner

 Anna Friel who was born just 16 miles away in Rochdale.

SAFC Blog favourite Pothole Pete

Colne is only a few miles from Accrington, SAFCBlog favourite Pothole Pete, is from Colne…..

Accrington matchday itinerary

Whilst football is a wonderfully unpredictable game……. going to Accrington is starting to feel somewhat routine…….. after enjoying the tremendous vistas of the A59; the itinerary is as follows….


The Crown Pub Accrington

The Crown – Great pub

Charlie Methven Sunderland AFC

A Haaaaaa”

Accrington pie

Of the 3 trips to Lancashire so far this season – Accrington offered the best pie


Accrington Stanley FC

Whilst it’s a small ground,…..the entrance to the Away end is a beautiful photograph opportunity

Away end at Accrington Stanley

Stunning setting for a game of footie

Sunderland fans in the away end at Accrington Stanley

Like the tennis player scratching her arse….this has potential to become an iconic image?


The policing at football grounds is top notch nowadays, sadly from time to time, you encounter a set of stewards who are on a completely unnecessary power trip. For those who’ve not been before, expect the following…….

  • The slowest entry to a ground ever due to airport style checks
  • Even if you’ve emailed the club to get permission for your flag, don’t bother taking it, as the stewards have decided that 3 flags is the maximum allowed in the ground!
  • In the game last month, there was no edge whatsoever– but the stewards did their best to create one?
The SAFC Blog flag

Flags….. don’t bother

Sunderland players coming onto the pitch at Accrington Stanley

Stewards watch on as the ref, pledges allegiance to the flag?. (Please note you can only pledge allegiance to 1 of 3 flags and they must be no bigger than 3ft X 3ft and have a fire safety certificate)

Accrington Stanley steward and a drumstick

ASFC Stewards – I can only imagine the aftermath and meetings following the the launching of a drum stick into the ground?? Definitely a major,(ette), incident?

Accrington Stanley v Sunderland SAFC Blog match prediction

SAFC Blog predicts a comfortable win, we are probably a bit better than last season and for whatever reason they seem to be much worse?

SAFC Blog predicts Accrington Stanley 0 v Sunderland 3

Homeward Bound

Thankfully the Accrington Dogging Issues that blighted our journey home in August shouldn’t be an issue due to daylight hours?

Home safe with the 3 points….

Bit of TV…. food…. few beers……

Match review online the next day. Prepare to go again 3 days later…

Enjoy the game.



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