Accrington v Sunderland review

Whilst we had a BIG day out on Sunday, tonight is a really BIG game. Win and we’re on track.

Aware website looks shite ~ bear with me; I’ve got a bloke who knows about stuff like social media on the case.

As we trooped away in the pissing rain after the postponement in December, the feeling in our group was it was a good postponement. The game was a lottery, drifting towards a draw and will be a great game to have in hand come what spring.

Steady drive over – beautiful day.

Even sunny on Sat Nav
Reminiscent of Accrington pitch in December?

Busy road – might enquire.

Head to the Grey Horse pub – whilst it was decent in December when packed to the rafters – when sparsely populated it becomes clear it is a complete shithole. Locals interesting….. let’s just say the finger and eyebrows on cheeks count was healthy. Can’t imagine there is more than one surname present?

Grey Horse – shithole

Onto the much better ‘Crown Pub’. Much nicer and full of SAFC in good spirits.

Positive mood at The Crown
“Made in Accrington”
The Chelsea of the North

Onto the fantastically named “Wham Stadium”.

“Last Christmas you cancelled the game”

This time around it’s more like “Club Tropicana”
Music, laughter, fun for everyone…. and yes at half time the beer was indeed free.

1st half – brilliant

Half time – brilliant; when the PA plays “This Charming Man”; it’s definitely been a good night.

2nd half – brilliant

Job done.

“Charlie Wyke me up before you go go……”

Really starting to love this group of players.

Job done.

Huge 3 points.

Only 3 sleeps to Rochdale.

In Jack we trust.


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