Sunderland send Accrington crashing out of the Carabao Cup

Accrington pie

Only a cup game, but footballs back and I love it! Following a steady drive over, I did what all people should do upon arriving in Accrington….. had pie, peas and gravy.

Just tremendous

As with previous visits, we headed to The Crown; there’s loads of pubs next to football grounds that thrive on the basis of being next to a football ground ~ but The Crown is a great pub….. clean, loads of staff, decent beers.

View from the beer garden.

Our owners tend to divide opinion, anyone who’s read this blog regularly will possibly have got an inkling for my thoughts on the pair of, (alledged), clowns, (game of opinions as always). CM , to be fair doesn’t hide away and given the dynamic of a few those at games and Charlie being accessible – they’ll always be people who want to talk to him. “Talk to him…..”, is not really an accurate description, as after introductions…. it’s just like a corporate bollocks presentation by CM. Still he drinks pints eh? Anyway, both SD and CM will be long gone when we still care deeply for this club. (No facts there ~ just the opinions of a section of our support).

Charlie in the pub
“Tally ho”

Beautiful evening and a nice stroll to the away end.

Sunderland away end at Accrington
Whilst I did purchase a Rochdale Vs Sunderland Commemorative Mug in April ….. I’m just not sure I’ll get much use out of a Commemorative Badge??

Anyone who was at the washed out game in December, will likely still have flashbacks……

Accrington in watering the pitch shocker!

Warm ups complete, the players retreat to the portakabins for a final team talk

Sadly Jacks masterplan of getting Grigg on the scoresheet was foiled by the fantastically named Pitch Responders, who spotted there were too many goals on the pitch!

Accrington is a great trip and we’ve never lost there, as always our fans were class. Although it did get me thinking as to the last time we had less than 1000 at an Away game??? (proper game, not Checkatrade, friendlies etc)

Sunderland fans at Accrington Carabao Cup
Fans class as always…. 964 of us, (sure they’d have been a few lurking in main stand to make it up to a thousand?)

We played pretty well first half, although Accrington offered very little – I think, (and hope), their home form will see them survive; but I’m not convinced.

Sunderland send Accrington crashing out of the Carabao Cup
Players at the ready for the 2nd half.

They equalise about 10 minutes into the 2nd half, a definite penalty, (perhaps could have been a red card on another day?), was comfortably slotted home.

So it’s 1-1 and we draw 1-1 quite a lot…… it’s decision time for SAFCBlog….

McGeady coming on for Grigg was enough for me to bottle the bet and cash out!

We look great last 25 minutes, McGeady shows his class with a fantastic goal, another decent goal in stoppage time seals the win.

Sunderland send Accrington crashing out of the Carabao Cup
Get in Charlie ~ you’re starting Saturday mate

Anyone who’s been to Accrington will know they have a stupid drum, in a surreal moment in stoppage time, a drumstick flies into our end from the walkway, (I.e. home fans leaving the ground). Surely won’t be too hard to find the culprit come Saturday????

Sunderland send Accrington crashing out of the Carabao Cup
Drumstick Ultras….. the stewards had spent all night trying to create something to do, this will no doubt go down as a Major(Ette) Incident??
Sunderland send Accrington crashing out of the Carabao Cup
Great place for an Away day, we’ll be back soon
sunderland beat accrington
Job done on the pitch
Captain and Manager SAFC
Job done off the pitch. Best dressed manager in the league…. Jack, I really, really want this to work out for you 👍⚽️

Having had a simple journey over earlier in the day, it’s time to head home. Sat Nav is a really good invention and SAFCBlog is lucky enough to have a decent German car with a shit hot Sat Nav…. but sometimes Sat Nav just goes bonkers? There’s some pretty dark, (literally and metaphorically), places in that there Lancashire…..

It’s definitely down here, yeah?”

In the next 3 minutes the following events occurred……

  • We nearly wiped out a load of sheep who were sat in the road
  • We passed a busy lay-by, and there were a lot of lights flashing us, (strange time for a picnic)
  • We nearly ran over a man, who was stood at the gate of a field holding a carrier bag and showing an interest in the livestock at said gate, (can’t imagine his hard drive is a great place????)

In the past SAFCBlog has occasionally been liberal with its account of events…. but…. in a 3 minute period, all of these events 100% happened! I decided to keep my foot down rather than stop, although my travelling companion did make the effort to stick his head out of the window and shout BAA lots of times at the sheep.

Whilst that pretty much covers the game, I’d just like to offer a short comment on Will Grigg……

I’ve been critical in the past…….but…..

  • 2 of the 3 subs acknowledged the fans as they left the pitch, (it’s a fucking long way on a Tuesday night Will)
  • I don’t know if he’s fit, got personal issues etc….. but he looks like a man who doesn’t want to play football, (certainly not for us?) Danny Graham and Jozy Altidore both only managed to score one goal for us, but I never criticised either as they both put a shift in, it just didn’t work out for them.
  • Lots say there’s no service to him? Well in 13 minutes Charlie won headers, ran his arse off, showed heart, showed desire, scored a good goal, nearly scored a second goal…….. In 69 minutes Grigg had a few nice lay offs and waved his arms around a bit.

The key moment of the evening for me was after about 85 minutes…. at 2-1, McNulty hassles their centre half to rush a pass out to the left back, McGeady is right on him, forcing him to make an arse of it and we have a throw in an attacking area. Complimented by our quality, this type of intensity, passion, effort etc can get us out of this league.

Momentum is everything in football.

Amended prediction for Saturday vs Pompey is a 3-1.