AFC Wimbledon Tuesdays – In Preview….

Great result yesterday, 4-0 away is brilliant, no easy games etc…. but it’s great to be back on in Tuesday night to hopefully build on yesterday.

“Who aren’t Ya??”

We used to have Wimbledon…..Last month we played MK Dons, they definitely aren’t Wimbledon, and seem to be the villains in all of this. AFC Wimbledon aren’t Wimbledon, but they seem to be more so than MK. I don’t know enough about it to accurately comment, although football is of huge importance to people, irresponsible ownership of football clubs hurts those that care the most and deserve it the least. Somewhere along the line, Kingstonian became AFC Wimbledon’s home as lodgers to Kingstonian and now it’s home to the Chelsea Academy Team and Kingstonian don’t have anywhere to play….. there’s always winners and losers? On the pitch winning and losing, (or drawing every week in 2018/19), is all part of the beautiful game, as alluded to losing off the pitch normally sees the fans as victims and the perpetrators less so.

“Now you listen to me you thick northern peasant, yes there’s circa 48’000 here….. but they are all thick northerners too…..just make it up if need be….. these are not like intelligent southerners love…… they won’t understand love….. ya, ya”

“Who Were Ya??”

The FA Cup used to be magic, not since Sunderland had humbled Leeds in 1973 had there been such a magic final? Liverpool had just won the league by 9 points, they were nailed on to beat Wimbledon and complete their second double in three years.

“Splendid to talk to you Messers Wise and Sanchez, yeah she does look like a horse, but he’s still at it – he’ll never change”
“Got the ball ref???”

The Past Was Yours, The Futures Mine”

AFC Wimbledon are doing ok, they’ve got 20 points. They got stuffed 5-2 at Charlton yesterday, but recently beat Peterborough. It’s becoming apparent that form isn’t a great point of guidance in this league?

Since we started playing them we’ve won all 3….

  • A 2-1 win down there thanks to a Cattermole double
  • A 1-0 win up here thanks to a great goal from Maguire 
  • The king was at it again last season when we dispatched them 3-1. That was 15 months ago and was the day that the representatives of one of the worlds richest men came to watch us with a view to a deal……
“So you do want that $11.8 million back Mr Dell? OK….. ermmmm….. Juan?”
  • We didn’t get to have a day out in London at Easter, due to the EFL deciding the fairest way to determine results, was to not bother playing the games. 

“This Blog is Shite…..”

Whilst the wording of feedback varies, the message is fairly consistent. I guess when we could go to games, interesting stuff happened, now every game feels the same to a large extent? Whilst unlikely, it is possible we may be able to go to games in small numbers soon. Proper can of worms this…… how on earth do you pick 2 or 4 thousand….. it’s simple, you can’t do it fairly! All supporters are equal, of course there’s a sense of entitlement etc…. I go to every game, but I didn’t when the kids were young. I do it now because I have the time and the resources to do so. It’s impossible to rank fans…… someone who goes every week vs someone who goes when they can afford to vs someone who is taking there kids to protect the next generation of supporters vs someone who’s health means this may be their last season??  It really is a minefield, I’m guessing they’ll ballot the 12’000 season ticket holders, and we all get 2-4 games? Not ideal, but just an impossible situation.

Wimbledon, 51.41830°N, 0.22061°W

Famous worldwide for a tennis gala.

Sue Barker – Fit

Also famous for The Wombles.

Given their ethos was collecting shit and reusing it, it’s no surprise that a remake is on the horizon under the guise of recycling.

I can’t really be doing with piers Morgan, (although that’s testament to the persona he puts out and actually means he’s doing ok), it’s more the hacking of dead kids phones that puts me off him. That said, he’s surely got a point here?

I remember the Wombles very fondly, there was no edge to it. A lot of 1970s kids TV is not all it seemed on reflection….. whether it be Captain Pugwash Rogering the cabin boy, Dougal being off his tits on pills, the Clamgers being a bit weird…. nothing could surpass Bagpuss…

A big fucking scary cat…… sleep well kids!

Womble Wanderers FC 4, (Attenborough, Bellamy, Thunberg, Prof. B Cox) vs Bagpuss Baddies AFC 4, (West, Nielson, Savile, Hindley)


Hopefully back Tuesday with the usual match report.

SAFCBlog Predicts…. SAFC 6 vs Wimbledon 2


All Magic Roundabout aren’t we?”

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