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“We’ve all got dressed on the A1, haven’t we?”

Politics – not my bag…..

This is issue #403 of SAFCBlog, thus far I’ve not only avoided politics, but also remained politically correct for 402 articles. With this in mind, I shall not be delving into politics. Sadly Big Boris didn’t answer my nominated question tonight, thinking of sending a video question – just need to get a shit load of books and a book shelf to use as a backdrop? 

That Professor Karol Sikora seems a right clever fucker? I’d love to see him and Chris Whitty, (the one that looks like super shagger Sven Goran Eriksson), go head to head in the Final Chase?

The BIG debate….. Moto vs Extra……

He probably shouldn’t have driven to Durham, but Durham is great. SAFCBlog has made a habit of meeting some exiled SAFC near to a Christmas game in Durham and it’s a mint place to get absolutely bollocksed, Zen restaurant never disappoints …. don’t bring your missus Dom, but if you fancy it in December you’re most welcome, appreciate it’s not relevant to a high brow Tory MP – but, (apparently), if you did end up in the titty bar, it just shows on your credit card statement as Sunderland Leisure!  Anyway we digress….. no football aside from German practice matches – can’t wait til it’s back?

A Transparent Government is important…..

Last minute reschedule of Swansea Away….. no bother SAFCBlog were there

Motorway piss stops are not an exact science, quite often the SAFCBlog team can go for ages, then once the dreaded seal is broken, it’s every 40 minutes!

“M62 central reservation piss club…..”

More questions than answers……..

Bit of a sub plot, but….. the retired teacher who, (reportedly), spotted Cummings was a vigilant local who always had his binoculars and always made a note of car registrations that he didn’t recognise ….. this is a man who 100% never gets his black bin and recycling days mixed up? 

It’s a year tomorrow since we lost to Charlton, so back with some footie content tomorrow….

“Oh shit……”

Always FTM

SAFCBlog – Piss Poor Pandemic Postings For Quite a While

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