All Roads Lead to Bolton – A Cutting Edge High End Journalistic Preview….

Giddy as the proverbial kipper for tomorrow, plan was to drive…. then…..PING…..

”breakfast Beers are go, go, go ✅”

Serious Journalism……

We were absolute dog shite on our last visit, Jack Ross was on his last knockings, (although didn’t stop him rocking a fine knit, soft wash terracotta V neck, 1-1 last time…. this time SAFCBlog Precicts BWFC 0 vs SAFC 5⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

Our last visit……. That short armed prick revealed his financial masterplan…. Crock of Shit 0 vs Crock of Gold 2, (Andrews, J… Man, Tin)

SAFCBlog …. Going From Strength to Strength….

Inundated with entries for the Caption Competition, bear with me,…..


No disrespect, but it’s just a shithole not that far from Manchester? As a rule, I’m not arsed for celebrities…. if they don’t bother me, I’m happy to reciprocate and not bother them👍 But Bolton….. drug me up and roger me to death with a long metal pole, and chuck me in Barrymores pool….. the celebrity list is mind blowing….. far too many to mention, Sara Cocks, Tony Knowles, Amir Khan, Dave Spikey, sex pest Vernon Kay, Crackerjack, (CRACKERJACK!), grape crusher Stu Francis, Mark Radcliffe, Mark Halsey… the list goes on….,

Funnyman Peter Kay
Premier League referee Lee Mason
SAFCBlog pinup Jenny Ryan❤️
Musical Genius Damon Gough

“Blogging a Dead Cause?”

i know, i know…… this is article #782, i don’t doubt its a tough read….. but imagine writing this shite?

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