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Just Another Manic Monday?

Confusion reigns supreme, both in football and in real life, the bloke in the paper shop says we’re in the clear, whilst Christopher Whitty, (the one that looks like Super Shagger Sven Goran Eriksson), says we should still be careful!? Just like football, the Government advice is all a bit muddled? 

That Rishi Sunak seems clever, Matt Hancock seems a bit Partridge/Methven, Michael Gove just looks pleased to be on TV? Just as it seems a poor marketing ploy to have Church on a Sunday morning, (most responsible people get absolutely bollocksed on a Saturday?), having the Daily Briefing at 5pm is daft, (clashes with The Chase?). 

All very confusing, ventured out into the wild world today for a bit of normality, akin to forgetting how to write when going back to school in September, it’s a bit weird driving – roads quiet, bit like an arcade game? (Obviously SAFCBlog did not exceed 70mph at any stage)

This Blog is Shit – barely mentions football?

Fair point – I really can’t be arsed watching the Bundesliga. The Scotch League went early today with making up the outcome of the league, so we’ll never know if Dublin Celtics or Glasgow Rangers won the league?

BIG meeting today between L1 clubs, when those involved agreed to have another BIG meeting soon…… 

6 years tomorrow since we got a truly heroic point at Arsenal to survive, so I’ll write some shite about that in the morning…..

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40 YEARS…….

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