AS Roma 2 vs SAFC 0

The last football match I was at was at Wembley, much lower intensity today, but it’s good to be back⚽️
More School Sports Day, than Proper Footie, but it’s great to be back

Early Start…..

Not only is 11am a crap time, it’s also a stupid time, as by noon it’ll be too hot to play football.

And we’re off….. 9.20am, 34° already….. bonkers kick off time?”
No SAFCBlog Photographer today – no problem, I can drive a car and still take better photos.
They might not maintain their floodlights, but their car park maintenance is impressive
I’m going have to buy one of these bucket hats?

The Match….

Thought we did ok, they are clearly a very good side, chances at a premium and the highlight of the first 45 minutes was Mourhinio getting wound up, Luke was yellow carded and the ref told Alex Neil he had to substitute him. Jose was box office 15 years ago, now his just a moaning Portuguese Prick, I genuinely thought he might take his team off if we’d clattered a few more of his precious players.

“They don’t like it up em!”

Half Time….. 0-0

2nd Half……

Absolutely roasting, before they scored they missed a one on one and rattled the post with a great effort, we have 46 Championship games incoming, there’s no one in that league anywhere near as good as Roma? They even had better boots, better haircuts, better tattoos etc, so although they bossed the 2nd half, I thought it was a hugely encouraging performance, and at 0-0 we had a great chance, ultimately it’s just a friendly, but it’s still a football match and Dajuka had a choice of….. A) Pass it to Jack to roll into an empty net….. B) Be a greedy bastard and try and beat the keeper with the outside of his foot…..

Oh dear…..

Couple of goals from them late on….

FULL TIME….. 0-2

We played ok, got 46 Championship games incoming, there’s no one as good as Roma in this league, I genuinely think we will do well. Great to catch up with some SAFC, I’m still on warm weather training for the Coventry game, but guest blogger into bat, (how bad can it be?). Then it’s all roads lead to Bristol⚽️

As always, no need to like, retweet, share etc, it’s a labour of love and I’m genuinely humbled anyone reads this shite – thankyou

Onwards and upwards – FTM

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