Welcome to 2/4 in ‘Away days revisited’ Man City 16.04.14. The SAFCBlog media team continue to be inundated with correspondence…. Craig Durham, of Durham, said “you’re a knob,”, A. Munter, of Northwich said “I like your blog, would you like to buy some towels?, (bit weird?), Phil from Pontefract, said “you’re a dick”. Amanda Southampton from Southampton said, “you’re a fucking idiot”. On a slightly more relevant note Linda McCarthy of Elsmere Port asked, “do the Cockwell Inn have a vegan menu?”. Having contacted C.Greenwood, owner of the Cockwell Inn, (book if you can be arsed), he has confirmed that vegans are tolerated, (crisps and nuts a speciality).

Close season shite ~ riding on the crest of a wave after 174 people read part 1/4. The, (excellently written), article had 2, (yes two), retweets ~ one from my brother and one from some fucking idiot in York who owes me £250. Going to plough on regardless ~ Sagres, pork pies etc surely forthcoming? ( ~ anything considered)

So… after an aborted journey west on 12th February 2014…..

away days Man City

We only made it as far as Huddersfield when we heard the game was off….

Postponement ok as we were struggling to get there on time. M62 gridlocked…..

away days Man City
M62 piss stop

2 months on, and the job is fucked. Sunny in April, can’t get a beer anywhere and end up drinking in a tennis club… strange experience as it’s 50/50 lucozade drinkers in sports wear and North East loons power drinking, (only 1 winner there!?)

Given we are bottom, (shit), and they are top, (decent) ~ it’s game on!!! Arrive in good time about 90 seconds before kick off, ticket from original game doesn’t work ~ whilst walking to activate ticket, City score. Game over?

90 minutes later ~ we’ve played great. 2~1 up til last minute when Vito fumbles a weak shot into his own net.

2~2 draw. No good to us or them.

“Pellegrini ~ chain smoking lorry driver”
Job looked fucked? 5 games later they are champions and we’ve finished 14th

Pissed. Somehow, our man at the wheel says we need to hang on 20 minutes as Guy Mowbray wants a lift back to York, also in the car is a US military bloke, (who has to advise if he leaves Yorkshire), not seen him since ~ but if you’re reading “California Mike” ~ hope all is ok?

Early days in my media career ~ but can’t discount that I may end up on the BBC gravy train? With this in mind… the Match of the Day commentator was good value.

away days Man City
BBC’s Guy Mowbray, (right) ~ top man

Tomorrow…. away days revisited 3/4 ~ West Brom Shower Day


If you have 4 minutes 31 seconds spare.. the following video is fucking tremendous