Best Away Performance – SAFC Blog 2018/19 Awards

Best away performance 2018/19 Sunderland AFC

In the 2nd of 10 awards SAFCBlog recognises Sunderland’s “best away performance of 2018/19″ season…..

Our first award of of 2018/19 went to Jon McLaughlin who was crowned player of the season, he’s yet to collect his voucher of a meal for 2 at the excellent Cockwell Inn, (booking not always necessary), it’s now time for “best away performance”.

The winner is the 3~0 win at Accrington, 3 days after our drawn game with Portsmouth at Tottenham’s old ground. As luck would have it … in addition to the win, we had an abandoned match prior to the award winning performance.

Sat 8th December away at Accrington ~ it was decided it would be our “Branch Xmas Do”. With 4/5 of the branch in attendance excitement was at fever pitch.

Leg 1 of the journey was to get to York for a beer at Punchbowl Spoons

SAFC Blog 2018/19 Awards - best away performance
9.04am… let’s do this

1 of our small group poses as a “professional driver” specialising in Travel Logistics…. as instructed we board the train at York with said professional driver waiting at Stalybridge…..

Professional driver my arse ~ we sail past agreed stop onto Manchester

Quick beer in Manchester with a load of crazy office working fuckers drinking before 6pm in hilarious Christmas jumpers, (it’s not all work, work, work!?). Load of cranks with fun socks not our bag ~ crystal maze/Game of Thrones types

Stalybridge missed…..

~ we head off to meet the “Stalybridge Simpleton”

Onto Accrington…. load of beer at Grey Horse

Grey Horse ~ plastic hanging baskets!!!! Worlds gone mad??

Pisses it down all game ~ gets to about 60 minutes and it’s abandoned…

SAFC Blog 2018/19 Awards - best away performance
Pissing it down
SAFC Blog 2018/19 Awards - best away performance
Rain of “biblical proportions??” ~ but actually happening as opposed to religious made up nonsense.
UFO also captured in picture!
Homeward bound
Much maligned…. but… Heated seats, wet clothes…. foolish not to remove said wet clothes??
Absolutely nothing to see here ~ just a quick 6.15pm piss stop…

Another successful Christmas do in the bag, we are facing another trip to Accrington.

4 months later and 3 days after Wembley, it’s time to go to Accrington again… can’t be arsed. But that’s no excuse, early finish and pick up regular travelling companion, (idiot)

Heading west again!

After a desperate 2nd half at the 3rd best stadium in North London ~ we play great at Accrington ~ there’s no way we’re not going up? Might even pip Luton for the title? Feel a bit bad for Barnsley, but that’s football…..

Take 2 is dryer and whilst the Grey Horse was decent first time round, including a beer with @doglayer, (living the fucking dream), this time round it’s inbred central. SAFCBlog head to The Crown….

Pub for inbreds….. “6 fingers per hand and eyebrows on cheeks”
SAFC Blog 2018/19 Awards - best away performance
Decent pub


“Last pre Christmas it fucking lashed it down…. 🎵 “
SAFC Blog 2018/19 Awards - best away performance
Rare decent photo ~ signed copies available …. all enquiries to media team at

Mint performance….. 3~0

View from the pitch……

SAFC Blog 2018/19 Awards - best away performance
Dec ~ job not yet done….. we”ll be back
April ~ Job done, good laugh coming to these shit grounds. At least it’s only for 1 season………,..


Next on SAFCBlog ~ Some more irrelevant shite…..

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