Big Game Sunday….

SAFC Blog Super Computer

Big Game Sunday….

Big Game Sunday when Coventry take on Sunderland

SAFCBlog Thought of the Day #15

It’s a big game Sunday, I used to think about SAFC a lot – now I write about them a lot. No apologies for this, the beauty, (if there is one), of SAFCBlog is I write it because I want to, by this I mean….. no ads, no partners, no pleas for follows, no need to share or like, hopefully it’s enjoyed – but ultimately it matters not.

Excitement vs hope vs expectation vs fear.

The anticipation of every game provides me with all 4 of these emotions.

I mentioned in my preview that Coventry’s home record for a team not actually ever playing at home, is hugely impressive. I’m not big for historical stats, but our last trip to St Andrews was pretty shite. It was bloody freezing, SAFCBlog bailed out at 0-3 on the hour. We had a lot of lows that season, this was possibly the lowest? We were destroyed by a poor City side and after the positivity of his surprise appointment, it was becoming apparent that the rumours within the game of Chris Coleman being as thick as a whale omelette, were perhaps true after all?

Hopefully it’ll be a more positive trip this time, SAFCBlog has predicted a 3-0 win. I can’t guarantee this score line though as I’m guessing a bit, the good news though… is that the SAFCBlog Super Computer, will be back from the menders on Monday afternoon…..

SAFC Blog Super Computer
Just needed a new Transponder
Coleman – not mustard after all?

Two In Form Teams…..

Not dissimilar to Tuesday night, there looks to be very little between the 2 teams. The smart money would probably say that 1-1 is a reasonable bet? But for some reason I think we will win…..

The big game on Sunday Coventry v Sunderland
Runs are there there to be broken?

The Starting 11 To Get The Job Done..

Doubtless been a busy week on the training ground? A few of the lads have been a bit off it in the last few games, our bench is strong…. I think we may see a couple of changes to the starting line up on Sunday? 

Tomorrow at…….. How we should line up on Sunday?


Big week on the Training Ground? Whilst ‘Mad-dog’ Parkin will have a plan. He remains ‘as mad as a cut snake”. Not that he scares SAFCBlog(**)…….

** – he does


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