The Big Sam era, why Sunderland should stick with Jack Ross

Part 3/5 Big Sam

After the departure of Big Dick, next into the hot seat was Big Sam, he hit the ground running at the SOL with the hammering of the hapless magpies. Sam’s appetite was never in doubt ~ we basically got better each week.

For me a key date was the trip to Everton on a Sunday in November 2015…. 2~1 down at half time, Fletcher made it 2~2 early in the second half. The team then ‘went for it’ ~ we lost 6~2; Lukaku vs Brown Wes was never going to end well.

As we ambled through Stanley Park, nodding at young mums smoking weed, pushing prams, in snide Chanel pyjamas, walking Pit Bull Terriers, on their merry way to the garage for some cheap cider………it was agreed Big Sam would be seething and we’d not see another hammering like that?

Big Sam
“Big Sam”

It’s well documented Sam made us good very quickly? Khazri, Kone, Kabhul, Kirchhoff all looked class, fit and happy to play. Whatever anyone says about him, show me a better man manager?? On a personal note ~ a 4 day spell in May 2016 saw us beat Chelsea and Everton and send the unwashed led by a fat Spanish waiter down to the championship (that can never be erased ~ we sent them down). The 2 dates in question were spent with good mates and my beloved dad ~ he absolutely fucking loved those 2 games ~ probably the happiest I’ve seen him outside of family situations ~ cheers Sam.

Big Sam
“Big Sam”
Big Sam
“Got something in my eye”

So…. all is well? We’ve survived, even without any additions Sam will get these to top 10? The Mags are Relegated ~ you know what…. “for once it’s going to be decent watching Sunderland…..”

Fast forward 4 weeks, England lose to Iceland, Roy Hodgson departs, Big Sam takes the England job……..

“Woy Hodgson”
If this idiot had beat Iceland, we’d have been ok?

Next up part 4…. the David Moyes reign