Birmingham 1 vs Sunderland 2

Fantastic result last night, we deserved to win too, the positive momentum of taking 27 points into the break after an away win vs going into the break with back to back defeats, is huge? After a shitshow last Saturday and what has felt like yet another long week, last night was exactly what we all needed.
Win tonight please lads

1st half….

1 Diallo > 6 Blues

Aside from 1 good chance after a lovely ball from Roberts, the 1st 25 minutes or so must have been quite a tough watch for any neutrals tuned into SKY? A couple of key moments defined the first half, firstly a tremendous bit if trickery from Diallo, (although Blues defence was weak as piss), and a perfectly waited ball to Simms…. 💥⚽️ 1-0, secondly, just as at Huddersfield, Patterson was quick off his line to make a crucial stop, he also made a great save at the death, he’s just brilliant, there cannot be a better English keeper under the age of 23 anywhere? He just gets better with each game.

Half time…..

I’m sure the half time breaks are getting shorter, barely felt like enough time to grab a cuppa?

2nd half….

In 10 days time Bailey Wright has the task of marshalling M’bappe, hopefully his does better than he did at not having an air shot at a slow moving ball? It’s the Sunderland Way, to hang on at the end, but we deserved to win the game. Whilst Wright’s error lead to a tense finish, the defence this year has been immense, (given we’ve been ravaged by injuries), when Ballard broke his foot so early in the season, no one could have expected us to look as good as we have at the back. Danny Bathh has been incredible all season, special mention for both Hume and Huggins, both young lads who’ve not played for ages, both did really well.

We’re been fairly shite for quite a few years, I’ve not, (to date), played professional football so am loathe to overly criticise professional footballers too much, but the L1 misery of Dobson, McFadzean, Power, Baldwin, Ozturk, Flanaghan, Grigg etc, has been replaced by Roberts, Clarke, Diallo, Neil, Pritchard etc. Having scored sublime team goals at Reading and Huddersfield, the 2nd goal of the game was a thing of beauty, sublime vision and pass from Dan Neil, Diallo did the rest 💥💥⚽️

Always tense when just one goal in it, but what a tremendous performance💥⚽️🔴⚪️⚽️💥

Job done, had worse Fridays
Big Tony – he loves a Jaffa Cake


Great win, no better way to spend a Friday night after a busy week, the futures bright, onwards and fucking upwards – been crap for years hasn’t it? Things going to be better, much, much better ⚽️


We’re doing ok, who knows how high we can end up, but I’m pretty confident we won’t go down. I really hope we don’t lose Ross Stewart, but we might, there needs to be a plan.

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