Blackpool again in preview….

Here we go again, whilst it feels like we are at a bit of a low ebb, we are going to be in the playoffs, so there’s absolutely no reason not to think we won’t go up? We have our limitations, but it’s not like any of the other teams involved are any good? We lost at Blackpool the other week, although we deserved a point, since then they’ve lost to Shrewsbury, (crap) and Rochdale, (even crapper). I don’t have any concerns that we will be outplayed by anyone, the main worry is our conceding of soft goals, under Ross we had 19 draws, we’ve had 16 so far this season, draws are shite…. simple maths, (so much so that no graph is required), but 16 draws is 16 points…. 8 wins and 8 defeats is 24 points etc

Drawing the negatives…

First and foremost, well done to Hull and Peterborough, 46 games is plenty to ensure a fair outcome, just as we have got what we deserve, these 2 teams have too.

We have less defeats than anyone else…. we are quite a way off promotion…. too many draws

Blackpool, are they any good?

They certainly put a shift in the other week, they’ll be keen to get back on track and realistically it’s a game they need to get something from, they occupy the final playoff spot, with Portsmouth and Charlton breathing down their necks, ironically they are the 2 teams I probably least like to play in the playoffs. SAFCBlog predicts …. SAFC 1 vs BFC 1 not the most in depth preview, but if anyone is that interested please refer to my preview of 12 days ago.

Exciting new feature from SAFCBlog…

After the excitement of Saturday’s new pens, SAFCBlog is delighted to introduce a brand new, (exciting), feature….. SAFCBlog Memory Lane…

SAFCBlog Memory Lane #1(of 100)….

This Blackpool’s 3rd visit to the SOL since we decided to play in division 3, I missed last years 1-1 draw as I was on warm weather training in Tenerife, the year before it was also 1-1. It was Will Griggs home debut, a proven goalscorer at this level, surely he’s the man to fire us to promotion? We later saw on Netflix that Jack Ross didn’t fancy him… “och, he isnae wurth it stewart, I wudnae bother wee man, just leave it, aye hashed see ma new soft knit merino tha Heather go ma at the metro centre, aye wee man, ya Ken ma ya wee bastard, aye och”….like most people I thought Grigg was a decent addition to the ranks, regardless of us managing to pay way over the odds.

3 days previous we’d drawn 1-1 at Oxford, we’ve got Grigg now though so no more of this 1-1 bollocks….

The game finished 1-1, I often wonder how it might have been different for Will if he hadn’t missed an open goal after rounding the Blackpool keeper, although 2 years later he was still missing open goals…….

GOALLLLLLLLLL ⚽️……their keeper has the look of a man who has just conceded a goal?
5/10…. possibly his best game?
“Have we got a receipt?”

Next time, Memory Lane #2, (of 100), Travelling home from Accrington in just a pair of red pants

Match report tomorrow, followed by preview of whoever we play on Saturday

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