Blackpool Away – Coronavirus, (COVID-19), Special Edition

Blackpool Away Coronavirus COVID-19 special edition

Blackpool Away – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Special Edition

Game on…….Blackpool v Sunderland

We really need to win on Saturday, away from the obvious need for points and to climb up the league, we need to recapture the positivity we had previously created. Whilst I’m generally positive, there’s no point pretending otherwise – we were dreadful at Bristol Rovers on Tuesday night.

Are Blackpool any good?

Ultimately we only need to worry about ourselves, it matters not how good or bad Blackpool are if we put in a performance like Tuesday night?

I missed Sunderland v Blackpool at home as I was away on warm weather training, watched it online though – to be fair they looked a decent side. 

Despite looking ok at the SOL, they then went on a dreadful run resulting in the dismissal of Simon Grayson. They’ve been playing well recently, they went into Tuesday nights game on the back of 2 wins and 2 draws – despite losing to Tranmere, apparently they played really well in the 2nd half.

The fans seem to be right behind Neil Critchley. At 41 he’s young for a manager, but having spent the last 3 years at Liverpool coaching with Klopp, he probably knows what he’s doing? Somewhat bizarrely his playing career consisted of 1 appearance for Crewe in a 3-0 defeat at Fulham.

Game off…….

Obviously the game won’t be off, but if we start playing behind closed doors – it will feel like that for those of us who go to games? In fact it’ll feel worse…..

All roads lead to Blackp……….. STOP! Game of opinions, but for me Bunton shades it from the scary one from Seacroft with the big norks?

Blackpool Sunderland Behind closed doors…….

Blackpool Away Coronavirus COVID-19 special edition

I’m not entirely comfortable with the role of the media in the reporting of COVID-19. The long term impact on our already fragile economy will be huge? That said it’s clear that the next 3 weeks at least are going to be unprecedented in a non war-time Britain.

It’s obviously a huge concern and whilst football is just a game, people’s health is obviously more important? That said I’ll be gutted if the game is played behind closed doors on Saturday – as the saying goes, football without fans is nothing.

The origins of the virus have been widely speculated upon. SAFCBlog loves food, whilst my preference is British food, (sausages, pies, pizza, lasagne, curry etc), there’s nothing wrong with broadening ones culinary horizons?

SAFCBlog Cosmopolitan Dining Club

I’ve not got any, (formal), medical qualifications – but moving forward and as we move out of this Pandemic – there’s got to be some value in not eating fucking bats and raw chickens?

Lack of atmosphere……

Blackpool fans have been through the mill at the hands of irresponsible owners. It might just be that their boycott of previous years inadvertently prepares them for playing in an empty stadium?

ATMOSPHERE??? 80s boyband made a right arse of covering the classic tune ‘Atmosphere’

What the hell do we do on Saturday afternoon?

5’000 tickets sold, travel plans made, loads booked the weekend. What’s the plan if it’s behind closed doors? I’ll just go to Blackpool anyway, the Blog must go on?

Blackpool – The Town that never sleeps

Fear not, Blackpool is a Mecca of entertainment. It’s famously twinned with Las Vegas(**), due to the fact that both enable people to pay for sex with chips.

(** it’s not)

All manner of stuff happening there on Saturday, here’s just a taster……

SAFCBlog Verdict…….Blackpool away


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