Blackpool 1 vs Sunderland 0

Tonight, Tonight….

Realistically Peterborough were always likely to beat Northampton tonight, we can’t do owt about that, whilst it would be nice if Northampton had got a result, it’s not something we can or should rely on….

Can we just rewind a week? Draws = 1 point…….even Tony Hart doesn’t draw as regularly as we do?

I’d like to say I’m furloughed, I’m not…. I’m doing shit all work wise …. hence, I’ve already previewed this game twice, we meet again in 10 days and we might even meet again in the play offs, so any subsequent previews are going to be even worse. It would be absolutely mint to be heading to Blackpool tomorrow…. the A59 on a sunny morning is just the best, (got my own mug at Route 59 Cafe now)….. I’m really missing football, whilst most of the Interweb is in meltdown…. I’d just love to be westbound on the A59 at 8am tomorrow

Maguire not in U23s today, we have 6 games left – play our best players, any punishment can be in June or July?

Sally Simpson 6pm Club….

Where I live we have YTV and Calendar, since Gail departed Christine Talbot has been on 17 out of 19 shows….


And then……. out of absolutely fucking nowhere…..

I’m too busy to write to Points of View, but “feel free to get back on the horse you rode into town on and facilitate a departure….”
Now I know how Alan felt when he turned up at the garage and Micheal wasn’t working?

Just imagine how bad these match previews are going to be moving forward?

4 shite goals, 4 Substitutes and a Play Off nightmare…..

“Stop the clocks, don’t answer the phone…. yadda, Yadda….alternatively stop conceding weak as piss goals and making 4 subs just to look like there’s a plan?

Today’s Team…

12.30pm…..Game on….

Here we go, can’t be as bad as Tuesday night.

10 minutes… decent enough game so far, Jones seeing plenty of the ball, the sooner their left back gets a yellow card the sooner he can really start to torment him.

21 minutes…. playing quite well, Jones has half a chance but can’t get his shot in. Hull losing… so if we win today and then win at Hull, it’s on again??

25 minutes….. they should score, they don’t

26 minutes…. That’s a red card all day long for Dougall? Just a yellow given, he’s a lucky boy.

35 minutes…. Yellow for Leadbitter who completely wipes out their player. Loathe to make predictions in real time, but I think a red card might be imminent in this game….

Half time…. 0-0. I was fuming with the team on Tuesday night, no complaints today though – we are competing well, no benefit in looking back – but this level of endeavour on Tuesday would have swept Wigan aside. Considering the game hasn’t seen many chances, it’s been a good watch.

55 minutes…. pretty flat 10 minutes or so to start the half, the game doesn’t seem to have the intensity of the 1st half, (looks hot though?). A stale game at 0-0 doesn’t worry me too much, as you’d have to think it might come down to one moment of quality, I don’t know much about the Blackpool 11, but we probably have the edge in terms of players who can provide a bit of magic?

57 minutes….. almost right cue, magic feet from McGeady and the inside of the post saves them

58 minutes….. I’d overlooked the fact that this is division 3, with talk of magic moments, in a tight game moments of sheer crapness are just as likely to decide the game? Terrible goal to concede… again 0-1

62 minutes….. McFadzean has to walk for a 2nd yellow, a combination of him pretending to be injured and Bailey attempting to start a ruck, distracts the ref who seemingly forgets to send McFadzean off.

71 minutes….. they clear off the line, we are on top here. A crap bit of defending aside, we’ve done ok today – when the dust settles, whatever happens today won’t be the Coventry Moment, seeing the lads put this shift in, only adds to the frustration of what we saw on Tuesday night.

75 minutes…. Some substitutions, the cameraman spots LJ looking much smarter than usual, perhaps he’s ditched the Club Coat now the pubs are open?

Lee looking much smarter – not quite sure what Jack Diamond is doing with his socks?

79 minutes…… game much more open now, certainly feels like there’s potential for more goals. Plenty of time left as there’ll probably be 6 minutes added on.

88 minutes…. on the balance of play we’re probably worth a draw? But it’s just not falling for us, McGeady unlucky in the extreme at 0-0, but we’ve not really worked their keeper and for the 3rd game running we have conceded a really soft goal. It was always going to be a game of fine margins today, you’d have to have to assume that we will be in the Play Offs now, not only do we need to generate some momentum, we need to stop giving stupid goals away.

7 minutes added on…a draw no good really, but we will still get at least one more chance

At the end of the day…. we go again Tuesday.

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Unlucky today – it’s happening again………

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