Blogging, Dogging and Racing….

Blogging Dogging and Racing

Blogging, Dogging and Racing

There’s still a huge amount of people out there, who don’t seem to have grasped what the next 2 weeks will be like? By Saturday 4th April the SAFCBlog Dog Derby could be the best thing to happen that day?

The preview starts here…..

As promised the build up starts here…. whilst the final field of 3 has been confirmed and the track mapped out, Internet sensation @Bet4bettor will compile some prices. 

Contender #1 of 3 in profile….

Blogging Dogging and Racing

The stats…..

At almost 12 years old, Alf weighs in at 36kg. 

Owners Inside Info…..

Whilst Comfort may eclipse Speed…. Alf is a focused individual. He’s not the quickest, but he will 100% complete the 70m track in a straight line – no danger of getting distracted like the younger, more foolish competitors …..

Owners additional info…..

Descendants of Wolfs etc, dogs are essentially Pack Animals, Alf is the leader of his pack – who knows how the hierarchy will impact on the race?

Integrity in sport…..

Slogging Dogging and Racing Alfred's supplements
His hips are fucking goosed – has 2 of these a day.

SAFCDog profile #2 of 3

Tomorrow…. This Big Bad Bastardo….

In dog we trust
Absolutely fucking wired……

Warm weather training update…..

Took advantage of being allowed out of the house today, Alf making solid progress…….speed isn’t everything??


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