Blogging and Dogging in Social Isolation

Blogging and dodging in social isolation

Blogging an Dogging in Social Isolation

Challenging times…. still at least I’ve got the measure of the Nigerian Premier League…..

SAFC Blog betting on Nigerian football
BOOM ⚽️🇳🇫

New day tomorrow…..

Today's football bets
“All roads lead to Shakhter Soligorsk…….”

Any high level domestic sport on the horizon……?

Too fucking right there is……

Blogging and Dogging in social isolation
“Athletes are Born not Bred……

3pm Saturday 04 April…..

No footie….. Thankfully SAFCBlog is delighted to announce a feast of live sport, that will be televised live….

Tough gig at present, rough ride ahead…. but ultimately kindness, consideration & doing the right thing, will come to the fore. Football just a game…. BUT….. I can guarantee that as and when we come through this, football, friendship, humour and community will be right at the forefront?

The details……

SAFCBlog has 3 dogs….. at 3pm on Saturday 04 April, SAFCBlog will be live streaming some top level sport….

The finer details…..

70 metre dash, to keep things fair handicapping will be in place …. ie head starts for slower, fatter dogs and consideration given to age etc

Integrity in sport……

Sport is great, sadly genius in sport, (and life), tends to be flawed….. whether it’s the Hand of God or some Russian female athlete/bloke hiding his cock and balls….. integrity in sport is a huge issue…..

The 5th Major……

SAFC Blog dog Lennon


70 metre, (handicapped), race, streamed online, ( by the 04th April this will be very watchable?)


3pm Saturday 04th April 2020


HG1, (and live and free to air online)

Blogging and dodging in social isolation
The finish line…..

The SAFC Blog dog race
SAFC Blog dog race over 70 metres


In 3 weeks, this will seem like Christmas and Easter rolled into one? (In a beer and chocolate way not in a religious/tooth fairy make believe way). 

SAFCBlog has inadvertently been in partial training for social isolation, for a number of years. I promise you, but by April 4th, this will seem like a decent sporting spectacle

Can I have a bet?

Of course you can….. nearer  the time, Internet Sensation, SAFCBlog Photographer, Twitter type  – Bet4bettor will be running a small book on the big race via SAFCBlog

@Bet4bettor – better at betting than photography?


Just over 2 weeks to go til the big race, each of the 3 competitors will be previewed in detail before the race. Attention will be paid to their strengths and weaknesses…. all 3 are on the same diet. I’ll also post a couple of training updates  before the big race to report on any injuries etc

Much more to follow…… but in short, the contenders are…….



“Very best of friends indeed??….”



Young…. wired ….and ready to fucking GO!!!


SAFC Blog dog Lennon
8 years old…… still fast as fuck….

SAFCBlog gone completely mad?

Quite possibly…… the thing is, lunacy and discussing irrelevant shite, is my world….welcome to the jungle! 

Just 3 dogs running down a hill?

Yep…….. but it’ll be more exciting than anything else on the sporting horizon…..let’s just see how the land lies in a few weeks? All roads lead to HG1…


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