Bolton wanderers 1 sunderland 1

Ultimately a poor result, but as always the 90 minutes is just a small part of the day…..


Head across the Pennines for the 5th time this season, traffic an absolute nightmare.

Bolton Wanderers 1 Sunderland 1
Traffic terrible…
tunes tremendous….
Bolton is in Lancashire where Sunderland always win
Stunning day, easy 3 points today will be just the boost we need?


Anyone who has been to Bolton will know that the ground is nowhere near anywhere, SAFCBlog embark on a ridiculously long walk to find a beer…

SAFC Blog in Bolton
“The towns visited may change, but the outfits remain the same?
Bolton cheapest car washes in the UK
Absolutely bonkers?

Bolton sell shit suits and shoes
Long walk to the pub, but definitely worth it – “bit of something for everyone”

Still working on the finer details of the Greater Manchester WPC Calendar, but it’s taking shape now….

Bolton Wanderers 1 Sunderland 1
Bolton Wanderers 1 Sunderland 1


Chasing Rainbows Bolton Wanderers 1 Sunderland 1
The sooner we can locate that pot of gold the better?
Bolton Wanderers 1 Sunderland 1
Game on……. “should smash these today?”

Oh shit
Massive 20 minutes for Jack Ross?

1-1…… just!

Clearly a bad result…. but….

  • We had enough quality on the pitch to win
  • We had enough clear cut chances to win
  • Bolton were magnificent
  • I’ve been critical of Will Grigg in the past – thought he did well today and was the best player in the 2nd half

SAFCBlog has always backed Jack Ross, it’s evident the pressure is building though? Ultimately it’s a results business? Ironically I don’t think it’s actually results that are creating the pressure? More so the manner of performances?

  • Have we improved?
  • Have we learnt from last year?

Football is a game of opinions, (and rightly so). For what it’s worth, my opinion is that abuse of the players and manager offers no benefits? I obviously respect different opinions. I’m always really proud of how little hassle there is at our away days, especially considering the numbers we travel in…. it’s generally hassle free and good humoured etc. Whilst northern trips with large allocations attract plenty of pissed up / coked up young uns; the atmosphere today was vile. The group in front of us were at it all day with fights breaking out at least 3 times – there were loads of kids on the vicinity who were understandably clearly shaken. I accept people will disagree, people are passionate about SAFC…. but fans scrapping with each other is not something we need to see? I might be being slightly idealistic – but let’s try and stay classy? I occasionally take my kids to games, I was glad they weren’t there today – vile atmosphere and embarrassing behaviour, (tiny minority as always).


Obviously a bit deflated, but always there’s plenty to lift spirits…..

Lancashire, a shit version of Yorkshire
……. stunning scenery
Bolton Wanderers 1 Sunderland 1
……… random selection of craft ales for the passengers
Rock me baby
…….. a discussion that I’ll perhaps hold fire on??

We go again on Wednesday…