Bolton Wanderers Preview

Bolton Wanderers Preview

It’s been well documented that BWFC have had their troubles, sadly Bury didn’t quite escape… but it seems that Bolton are going to be ok? SAFCBlog normally commences match previews by looking at the form of our opponents…. no point on this occasion; aside from drawing with Coventry, Bolton have been getting hammered every week, (apart from the Doncaster game, when they didn’t fancy playing!?)

Bolton are steeped in history, to summarise…..

  • They were good in the olden days
  • Big Sam made them good again
  • They’ve spent the last 10 years getting gradually worse

Whilst being quite close to Yorkshire, it’s a shite away day!

  • The ground is miles from anywhere, (including Bolton ! Can’t be arsed to google it, but I suspect it’s nearer to Wigan than Bolton?)
  • Theres 1 pub approximately a 15 minute walk away
  • 4000 SAFC fans will have the pleasure of a concourse that can host 1500 maximum?
  • So….. SAFCBlog plans to drive and get back to Gods Own County ASAP!

Until last month Phil Parkinson was their gaffer; he made Bradford look average – so I’m sure he’ll be in work come what November?

Phil Parkinson, famous for doing an average job at average clubs

Loads of famous folk from Bolton …..

SAFCBlog has a busy working schedule…… BUT…. at 5.47pm mon to Friday….. The Chase is ON !!!!!!!!!!
Sara Cox…….to be fair, Zoe Ball was always viewed as her fit mate? To much jet setting for Zoe and Sara is now the fitter of the two?
Premier League Referee…..
Lee Mason
Fat funny man, Peter Kay
If you are of a certain age and have a sense of humour…. the Mark and Lard show was amazing. 1-4pm was beautiful for a number of years. If you’re in the same category as me…. there’s a link at the bottom of this article ; if you’re not, have a look anyway.

Bolton is 16.5 miles from Rochdale, which is home of SAFCBlog Ambassador Anna Friel……..

“Anna, are you getting my messages? Babysitting job is still available”


As previously mentioned; very little challenge for Jack this month? Accrington taxi driver, Rotherham wannabe, Chris, (jobseeker allowance), Wilder…… Keith Hill of Bolton dresses better than most…..

Better than a tracksuit? But ultimately a poor mans Cantona / Kieran Brady?
“Everyone loves Jack 💜⚽️“
Nice try ….. bit you can take your silly hat and beard and do one loser”





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