Boxing Day……. “The Greatest Show”

Christmas Day is a big day in lots of ways, kids, families, religious types etc, it’s also a tough day for many. Whereas Boxing Day is just brilliant, always a 3pm game to go to, mint day on the lash, good racecard, the annual feasting on the SAFCBlog Home grown Pickled Onions, getting completely Ant McPartlined etc….It’s just the very best of days? 2015 we played City at the Etihad, 2016 we played United at Old Trafford, 2017 we were dreadful at Bramhall Lane. The last 2 years we’ve had home games in League 1, this year……. we haven’t got a game, we’ve got used to not being allowed to go to the game, at the moment we’re not even allowed to not go to the game! Day of wall to wall football on TV, but it’s just not the same is it, not even nearly the same. 

Back To Acc…..

We are due back in training tomorrow and due to play Accrington on Tuesday night…… whether we will be able to fulfil the fixture must be a doubt? Tough one really as I’ve missed watching our games, although our first 11 haven’t been too good this season, so I’m not sure whether coming back to such a tough fixture with an under strength team is wise? Although as I’ve said previously, I’m of the opinion that the season is limping to a premature conclusion. Obviously if the game is on I’ll preview & review in the usual professional manner. There was a spell when it felt we were playing at Accrington every week, (Dec, April, August, September), how I’d love a trip there now.

Dropping like flies now?

No doubt the EFL have a bombproof plan, given Wycombe were promoted from mid table on the basis of having a few games in hand, we might even get awarded promotion? I’ve contacted the EFL to offer the use of the SAFCBlog Super Computer, which is able to predict the virtual results of matches not played – I’m still awaiting a reply, although not holding my breath , given it’ll be 1 year on Friday since I wrote to them about the ballboys at Fleetwood being under instructions to waste time.

I’m one of the lucky few to be in Tier 2, (for now), so the pubs are open and I’m able to attend York City vs Guiseley on Monday, most reading this will be in a higher tier – it really is shite.

Whilst this might look like a projection for the next General Election….it looks like us in the yellow band are on borrowed time? If any ‘tech types’ know why a horizontal live has appeared down the centre of my TV screen, (more so how to get rid of it), your input would be greatly appreciated.

So whilst Boxing Day is normally The Greatest Show, this year it’s just a Bit of a Shit Show. We are all craving normality now, and for me like thousands of others normal is centred around The Beautiful Game. Stay strong and hopefully sometime soon we will get back to what we know and be free to do whatever we want….



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