Bristol City Away the day after tomorrow in preview…..

It’s nearly 4 years since I started writing this shite, a major catalyst was I didn’t, (still don’t), have a proper job, for a few reasons i’ve been busy as fuck, of late, (all relative) – but the remit of SAFCBlog is to preview and review every game, so here we go…..

  • It’s a really long way…..
233 miles…… although to be fair further from Wonderland
  • No idea if they are any good? I’d reckon this is a game we probably shouldn’t lose?
  • Ground 91/92 for me, I did a load of lower league shitholes, (Accrington, Fleetwood, Morecambe etc), a while back as realistically SAFC weren’t ever going to play there?
  • Shite drive but at least it’s light til 9pm✅ Last trip that way was a shocker @ Cheltenham….
League 1 > season 4 > FFS
Highlight of the trip was some dirty minced lamb, no such option Saturday, SAFCBlog has gone meat free…. week 11 now, and I can confirm that the hardest thing is not talking about it
South West Service Station Porn ⚽️

Away The Lads…..

Lost track already, Bristol Saturday, then Sheffield X 2, then Stoke etc ….. at least once we are in the premiership it’ll just be 19 games, (plus Champions League away games from season 2 onwards once we are in the top 4)

European Footie…..

I’m lucky to have the time and resources to have watched us play friendlies all over Europe, my SAFC Ambition is to see us play a competitive game in Europe, not Barca or Madrid, just some Albanian bus drivers/teachers, with the opportunity to bumble about for 5 days would be perfect.

Jack Ross Watch….

European footie tonight for Dundee United, no idea what the score was…..

I’m man enough to accept I struggle with zips above waist height, Double zip for Jack and he’s smashed it ❤️

SAFCBlog Predicts….. a 1-1 draw……

See you there⚽️ FTM

Banksy from Bristol, not my bag, paper and vinyl not that expensive, no need to draw on walls, we teach our children not too?

Massive Attack are from Bristol….. they are a huge influence for lots folk my age

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