Bristol Rovers Vs Sunderland……

Bristol Rovers v Sunderland

Bristol Rovers v Sunderland

How to make sure we win on Tuesday night

9, (or 11 or 12), games remaining – it goes without saying that  Bristol Rovers v Sunderland on Tuesday is a big game? Hopefully we can ensure all of our remaining games are big games.

Are Bristol Rovers any good?

They were bang average a couple of weeks ago at the SOL. They’ve since lost 1-0 at home to Shrewsbury and 3-1 away at Southend – so we shouldn’t really have too much to fear?

Bristol Rovers beaten 3 - 1 by Southend at the weekend
“That takes some doing?”

No such thing as an easy game and even more so as the pressure intensifies towards the end of the season. Rovers are mid table so have no excuse to not play with freedom, we will also face the ongoing challenge that we are everyone’s biggest game of the season, (although this is by no means an excuse of any sort).

100% respect as always to the lads and lasses heading to Bristol on a Tuesday night, it’s a bridge too far for SAFCBlog on this occasion. Nothing more annoying that work and life getting in the way of the beautiful game?

SAFCBlogs tickets for Blackpool v Sunderland
Can’t make it on Tuesday night, but SAFCBlog will be there in spirit you Beautiful Red and White Wizards

Anything to learn from the last 3 games……

Whilst yesterday was an absolute sickener, we made plenty of mistakes. As always, they only remain as mistakes if they are not learnt from?

Soft goals; 2 shockers yesterday. It was clear to see that the players knew and the bench knew that they were 2 dreadful goals to concede. Imagine facing Steve Parkin after conceding those 2 goals?

Steve Parkin Sunderland Assistant Manager
“Steven, how did you feel about the goals conceded today?”……”

On the subject of goals, it’s only fair to acknowledge the quality and accuracy of the strike for their 2nd goal from Mandron. He didn’t play a great deal in his time here and was obviously just a kid. Whilst gutted, it should be recognised that not all ex players behave like dicks – fair dos Mikael and the best of luck moving forward.

Decision making; players will always make mistakes. Whether or not 6 minutes should have been added on, we appeared to lack a cool head in minutes 90 to 97. Why is Flanagan taking free kicks in stoppage time, especially the 2nd one which he kicked for touch seconds after being clattered?

Ultimately it can be over analysed, we were seconds away from a massive win, sadly it didn’t quite happen.

Never change a winning team……

Hard to argue with this, conversely we are no longer a winning team. It’s worth saying that I’m 100% behind Parkinson, (and obviously scared of Parkin).  If they had been here 6-8 games earlier, we’d be clear at the top now – the key was getting fit – and that doesn’t happen overnight. Having not, (as yet), been invited to training, I’m happy to accept that Phil, Mad Dog & Father Ted see the lads day to day, so they probably know best? BUT…… as a fan, in the name of journalism and because I’ve got nothing better to do, SAFCBlog wonders if the following changes are required?


Had Charlie been fit yesterday, we’d probably have seen an unchanged 11. Lafferty playing was obviously successful, sometimes a freshen up is beneficial.

Denver Hume; He just looks like he might benefit from a rest. Although this would mean locating the whereabouts of Declan John?

“Anyone seen Declan?”

Lynden Gooch; He’s been poor for the last 4 games. Semenyo has probably earned his chance, although this swapping these 2 would probably mean changing to a flat back 4? I don’t see this happening. I just can’t help feeling we are not cashing in on the quality of the balls that Maguire fires in? His free kick at the start of the 2nd half yesterday was absolute perfection, Semenyo or even Grigg would be more likely/have the pace to take a chance at the near post?

Max Power had his best game for a while yesterday, George Dobson had his worst game for a while, although credit to his interception and through ball for Lafferty to score, (which having seen was onside). I’d give Dobson a rest and bring in Scowen, who, (despite taking the worst corner since Jordi Gomez failed to keep the ball in play from 3 successive corners a few years ago at Stoke), looked composed and combative at Tranmere and Oxford.

Bristol Rovers v Sunderland
Yesterdays Cover Star…….Tuesdays Star on the pitch?


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