Burnley 0 vs SAFC 0, *better than it sounds

Last Night…..

I thought we’d get hammered last night? We didn’t, we earned a hard fought point, I had been worried we’d see this, (decent), season fizzle out? Full credit to the lads last night for lots of reasons….

Team selection…..

Not having a striker has hampered us this season, now having injuries to key players in every other position doesn’t bode well? The midfield was my main concern, DN has a great future ahead of him – but he’s not ready to boss a midfield yet though, (bit fema?)It was crying out for a Michut start, but he’d played 180 minutes in the last week for France Kids.

Clean Sheets…..

I thought we’d get completely fucked last night, a clean sheet was the last thing I expected to wake up to on Saturday morning…. Credit to the defence….

The Fans…..

Fantastic atmosphere last night, I attend a lot of our games, I can’t remember the last time we had a Friday night away game? But wow, I’ve not seen an away following as off it’s tits, (not everyone, but a lot), as last night? SAFCBlog had to meet a man called Syed at 10.05pm so got a flyer, I can only imagine / dread to think how things panned out post match at the York Road / Cricket Club Junction where it kicks off at the best of times?

The Game

We were tremendous – proper shift put in. We should have won the game, I said to my friend, it probably was a tough watch on SKY?, but as we all know, watching a game live where you have a vested interested, is a different world. I don’t know any Burnley fans, but hopefully we did ourselves proud? We know only too well that shithousery / time wasting is rife and getting worse? I’ll concede I’m biased, but we went into a game at 7/1 and we tried to win it right up to the final whistle on 96 minutes?

Saw the one that hit the bar on EFL Goals last night, the keeper was beaten, I didn’t really see much of the disallowed goal as there was a great big bloody metal post in my way…..

The Referee

Referees an easy target, but well done last night. Shocking dive from their player who should have been booked, he probably could have booked O’Nein at least 3 times, but overall the best reffing performance we’ve seen for ages. Credit where it’s due✅⚽️????????????‍☠️????????????????????????????❤️????⚪️⛳️????‍☠️????????????✅????????❤️????????????


Water break last night for Ramadan, (*like a Muslim harvest festival), no issue with that, it’s no different than SAFCBlog researching breakfast beers and having a strict no beer til 8am policy.

Big T

Realistically none of us were thrilled with his appointment? But…. He’s the right man at the right time, he’s a good, good man – let’s not forget we’ve been a gutless shower of shite for years, the performances vs Norwich and Burnley were reflective of a group of players 100% playing for the gaffer?

Big week for TM incoming, I suspect Mrs M might be in charge? But even in the NE, it’s not going to be Padded Body Warmer Weather, for much longer? Some big wardrobe choices imminent.

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Keep it clean, no cranks, no one over 66 please ✅✅

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