Burton 1 vs SAFC 0…. How Did We Lose That?

A Results Business…..

More often than not, you get what you deserve in football, sometimes it’s just not your day. Ultimately we didn’t score tonight, so I guess we didn’t deserve to win, but we played some great stuff. Like many thousands of others I’ve endured an absolute shitshow for a number of years, tonight I left the ground disappointed at the result, but hugely optimistic about the season ahead.

Journey South…..

Piece of Piss – Quick as you like ✅🔴⚪️⚫️⚽️💥

The Team….

Plenty good enough – smash these lower league jobbers tonight!

The Match…

We all know that Division 3 is shite, for the last 3 years we’ve fitted right in, we are a big club whilst Burton aren’t, (albeit they are ahead of us in the table). I don’t know what the ground holds, 6000 ish I’d imagine? I love going there, the crowd was 4300 tonight, (1400 of us), the atmosphere was decent, and the opportunity to stand at a game and be so close to the action was decent

We Lost 1-0….

Burton are decent, as always there’s defining moments in games, McGeady 1 on 1 really should have scored, O’Nien chance late on felt like the moment? Disallowed goal in stoppage time was hard to take, player reactions are a decent barometer….. when the ball hit the net I reckon there was only one person in the stadium who didn’t think it was a fair goal?

Sadly the one person in question had a flag!


Anyone reading this will have been at the match, watched on tv or listened on the radio I guess? We are miles better than we have been for a few years, we shouldn’t have lost tonight – but we did. Burton had one good 15 minute spell in the game, to their credit they created a few chances and scored during their good spell, something we didn’t manage despite dominating most of the game….

Given it’s 2.15am and I’m on an early train to Edinburgh, there’s no benefit in a more detailed match report, I can’t be arsed with any graphs or drawings, so I thought I’d mark the players out of 10 like they do in the newspapers….

Burge 7/10 did nowt wrong

Cirkin 8/10 going to be a great signing

Doyle 9/10 he is fucking brilliant, 17 years old? I have a 17 year daughter who moans like fuck if the wifi goes off…. He’s 17 – just think about that – future England player 100%

Flanagan 8/10 good on Saturday and good again tonight

Winchester 7.5/10 not his natural position, had a decent enough game

Gooch 5/10 poor game

O’Nien 8/10 missed chance aside, as a midfielder he rarely has anything other than a good game

Embleton 7/10 really good first 30 minutes, he will only get better with game time

McGeady 5/10 not very good tonight, (surely he’s carrying a knock?), TBF he was better when he switched to the right late on

Neil 9/10 he was our best player last pre season and then never featured, he’s absolutely class

Stewart 9/10 absolutely tremendous for the 3rd game in a row

Subs not long enough to rate, although special mention to the Substtute Shithousety from LJ, the board said Flanagan to go off, he went to touchline and they changed the board but Flanagan was given a piece of paper that he then took to show to the rest of the defence – I love stuff like that.

So not tonight, I fear for Wimbledon on Saturday, I really do – a real hammering could be coming their way⚽️🔴⚪️⚫️⚽️

I guess the middle of the night is the best time to fuck about with the roads, 2nd week running it was a right chew…. We go again next Tuesday I guess? Again, again and again? Can’t wait, All Roads Lead to Blackpool ⚽️🍊

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2 thoughts on “Burton 1 vs SAFC 0…. How Did We Lose That?

  1. If we play like that all season, just put the ball in when we get the chance instead of pissing about with it and trying to be clever when it’s harder to miss than score (McGeady) we’ll win loads more games than we draw/lose. Winning will be the new drawing.

  2. Loads of positives from the game mate, I dont like Flanagan, he was class last night and at the weekend, credit where its due. Dan Neil is a baller and will make things happen in this shite league, Rolls Royce of a player. Ha’way me bonny lads.

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