Burton Albion at Home in Review…..

The games certainly come round quickly at the moment, I expect us to win tonight due to Burton being shite, furthermore the Wigan team we face on Saturday are even worse? I’m desperate for us to win every game, if we do win tonight it won’t be because we’ve changed manager, (although we’ll never know). I reckon we will give these a good hiding, 3 or 4 nil, I really hope we do – part of me, (a tiny part), will be a bit annoyed if we see a really good showing, so often players let the manager down. Phil wasn’t perfect, Jack wasn’t perfect etc etc….. whatever ones opinions of the managerial situation, too many players have been way off their game this season? Nothing can be done about that now and we’ve got to look forward.

Managing Sunderland is a huge job, someone will get it right eventually, the hope as always, is it’s the next man? It’s harder here than most places because you only get a year. I was reading about a Secondary School in the TES the other day, they’ve had 3 Headteachers in 7 years, realistically it’s the infrastructure, facilities, quality of staff, staff levels, class sizes finances etc that are letting the school down,  but they seem to keep changing Heads, seemed a very strange approach to achieving an end goal?

SAFCBlog often alludes to Never Look Back, that’s all well and good and we can affect only the future, but we are all guilty of looking back? I often reminisce about the 1-0 at Old Trafford when everything just came together, I also have nightmares about Bradford, Hull and Southampton…… on balance I’m not a believer in going back, but that’s not to say it doesn’t sometimes pay dividends – there’s time to discuss that…… tonight is all about THE BIG GAME

Edit….. even in the absence of having a proper job, writing this shite is surprisingly time consuming, I had a message at noon to say ‘Poyet’, turns out it’s looking like it’s not! Assume Cowley then? But who knows? Wrote the first part of this before we announced it wasn’t Gus & can’t be arsed to rewrite….

We genuinely are a compete tinpot shambles….. we can’t even get ‘doing the wrong thing right?’

Pre Teamsheet Teamsheet thoughts……

No idea…. 3 or 4 changes I guess? Caretaker for 1 match means you’ve got to do something to remember the experience by?

Actual Teamsheet Teamsheet thoughts…..

Power in for Maguire…… FFS

On pitch matters……

Let’s do this……

7pm……. GAME ON…..

30 minutes …… we’ve had a few corners and it’s clear Max Power has had his hair cut. 

Hard to argue with Sky Sports summary of the Key Events of first 30 minutes

half time……. Burton are rubbish, we’ve not troubled them. Difficult evening for Social Media as no gaffer to blame, which makes outrage tricky… but  perhaps it’s time to acknowledge the players aren’t that good? (Game of opinions as always)

59 minutes…….. nowt happened yet

60 minutes…….. 0-1

Shocking goalkeeping

70 minutes……. Will Grigg comes on

84 minutes…… 1-1….. decent header from Max, the fact we may well go on and win this game is the most division 3 thing ever? 

Full time…….. it’s not a relevant or fair comparison to compare tonight to games from yesteryear….. I was at Sid James Park when we lost 5-1, 0-8 at Southampton wasn’t great, Bradford and Hull still hurt as does getting dicked 5-1 at Spurs for an 8pm Monday night game, I dipped out at Bournemouth away after 15 minutes…… as I say, it’s not a relevant comparison…… but fucking hell lads…. that was shite tonight, absolute shite!

Always best to be Frank?

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