Cambridge Tomorrow – A Few More thoughts…..

Injury List……

I’m not fucking having that, not for one moment, Shrewsbury were on the bare bones of their arses squad wise on Tuesday, it’s a convenient line when things are going shite? Peter Reid once said in an interview, “the treatment room gets very busy when results are bad?”. We have squad depth that is the envy of this division, plus the 11 haven’t exactly showed a great deal lately, use this as an opportunity? Before we know it, we will be getting told, “Cambridge is a really tough place to go….”. Bollocks man, we should be going there to win, it’s only as tough as we make it?

Statistically Speaking…..

LJ likes his Manager Speak, let’s not over complicate this – anything other than a win is unacceptable. It’s the only thing that offers any measurement of tomorrow, any talk of difficult conditions etc, are irrelevant, 20% of cats aren’t fussed for Whiska’s

Cats – just a shit version of dogs


We are in this division because we deserve to be, yes we are the biggest club, and whilst biggest should perhaps make it easier to be best, there’s no guarantee. We deserve success, of course we do, but no more than any football fan of any team?

This is Year 4, (FOUR), at this level……. We aren’t entitled to success, but it’s absolutely reasonable for us to expect success? I’m not advocating arrogance, but surely we can just go and get the best man for the job of winning league 1?? There’s not a L1 manager in employment who wouldn’t come here, (add to that plenty from the league above). Let’s break the cycle, get off the merry go round, be bold etc….. let’s not listen to Kevin Phillips saying, I’d love a role…, let’s not romanticise about past gaffers…… let’s just get it right

Get Paul Warne on the phone and tell him to get some better clothes and get his ass up here ASAP”

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