Cardiff 0 vs SAFC 1, Pre Blog Blog

I didn’t go to the game today, when I don’t go Adam does the blog, he was a smart and tasty beard and he’s better at writing and spelling than me, (all relative), with this in mind the blog will be online tomorrow night, (I’d guess he’s currently on the lash in Cardiff?)

Whilst not at the game, I watched on TV in my red pants, just as they were at the SOL Cardiff were dreadful,

We are down to the bare bones. This season has been wonderful, I’m genuinely excited, (borderline giddy), about next season. Realistically we will come up 4 or so points short this season, whilst frustrating, (it was right there when we beat Boro 2-0, and more so QPR 3-0)? 46 games is enough to get what you deserve, but we were so fucking close? Next year is ours x

Game of opinions….. but not for me this?

SAFCBlog is right with you Roy

We were the better side throughout, shite camera angle but Jack looked onside?


Probably not?

** what the bloke off the telly said ^

1-0, Job Done

Can’t imagine guest blog will be any good? Time will tell….

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