Sunderland v Peterborough Virtual match preview
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Peterborough United Preview, (virtual)

Sunderland v Peterborough Virtual Match Preview Peterborough United Match Preview, (Virtual) Strange, strange days….. no chance of any football for the foreseeable – but it’s just a game and of little significance in the current climate. Staying Home is the sensible…

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Sunderland v Charlton at Wembley
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It’s Saturday….It’s 3pm…’s time….,

It’s Saturday, It’s 3 pm, It’s Time….. 3 pm Saturday… can only mean 1 thing!!!! Sat in my office watching Come Dine With Me….. Strange Days…….. Let’s be honest, things are fucking bonkers at present? I do genuinely wonder what…

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Blackpool Away Coronavirus COVID-19 special edition
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Blackpool Away – Coronavirus, (COVID-19), Special Edition

Blackpool Away – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Special Edition Game on…….Blackpool v Sunderland We really need to win on Saturday, away from the obvious need for points and to climb up the league, we need to recapture the positivity we had previously…

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Must win tonight
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Must Win Tonight?

Must win tonight There’s 27 points left to play for, we could lose tonight and still go up. But….. we really need a win, aside from the obvious reward of 3 points, we desperately need to reignite our challenge and…

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Bristol Rovers v Sunderland
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Bristol Rovers Vs Sunderland……

Bristol Rovers v Sunderland How to make sure we win on Tuesday night 9, (or 11 or 12), games remaining – it goes without saying that  Bristol Rovers v Sunderland on Tuesday is a big game? Hopefully we can ensure…

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Sunderland vs Gillingham Phil Parkinson vs Steve Evans
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Sunderland Vs Gillingham Match Preview.

Sunderland vs Gillingham match preview Big game…… This goes without saying, 10 games, (hopefully), to go – all big games now. Gillingham have been on a decent run since the turn of the year, last weeks home defeat to Wimbledon…

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Stupid kick off times, everyone else played today
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Saturday, the day we play the game…..

Saturday, the day we play the game “It’s Saturday, it’s 3pm, it’s Crackerjack…….CRACKERJACK!” Stupid kick off times….. Since we decided not to play in the Premier League anymore, we have had less stupid kick off times. Tomorrow we play 200…

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Sunderland starting 11
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SAFC Starting 11 for Coventry on Sunday..

SAFC Starting 11 We’re on a good run, aside from the odd enforced change, the SAFC starting 11 has been pretty consistent since the turn of the year. There’s lots of positives associated with this, continuity, understanding between players and…

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SAFC Blog Super Computer
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Big Game Sunday….

Big Game Sunday…. SAFCBlog Thought of the Day #15 It’s a big game Sunday, I used to think about SAFC a lot – now I write about them a lot. No apologies for this, the beauty, (if there is one),…

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Coventry v Sunderland last season Sunderland took 6000 away fans
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Some Sunderland Sunday thoughts….

Coventry v Sunderland Welcome to the award winning(**), SAFCBlog Thought of the Day #14. Somewhat bizarrely for a Thursday, it’s still 3 sleeps til the Coventry v Sunderland. A glance at the division 3 table tells you everything you need…

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