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SAFC 3 vs BCFC 1 – Match Report

SAFCBlog #1083 Can’t believe I’ve written over a thousand of these, hard to imagine it’ll get any better now? It’s still better, (low bar, all relative etc), than that shite Blackpool, (wordy), Blog. It seems the future is Vlogging, but…

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SAFC vs Norwich Preview

With both teams harbouring similar ambitions for the season, we both need to win, (and certainly not to lose?) Pictures 1 vs Words 0, (Jones, M, OG) Bit word heavy yesterday, so going picture heavy tonight Are Norwich any good?…

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Leicester 1 vs SAFC 0 – in review

8 years ago today we were handing Newcastle their arse for the 6th time in row, mixed fortunes since then, but still very realistic they may never beat us again, (* at football) (*) We couldn’t compete with them in…

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SAFCBlog #1070 – Defeat at Stoke

Really bad result yesterday, it probably annoyed me more than the 0-4 vs Boro, I was able to write Boro off as one of those days, yesterday was just so frustrating in so many ways. The Game We didn’t play…

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International Break Misery SPZL

ShaunBlog is generally pretty positive, I’ve smashed my poached eggs and walked around a field – International Break is shite, but the SAFC Blossom Hill Glass remains over half full 🤜🙏 Given a fat brown dog has destroyed my iPad,…

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Next up – Stoke Away

I enjoy supporting Sunderland, I’d hate to support Stoke, (shit town, shit fans, shit ground, shit manager), we probably owe them one after the 1-5 shit show at the SOL last season? Not quite back to being as prolific as…

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SAFCBlog – The Season So Far

Anyone who used to read this shite will be aware I’ve not bothered doing it for ages, but thought I’d make a return. Kris Day threatening a hunger strike and Garry, (farmhand, hot pants, fanny magnet), Summerson put the cows…

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So Solid Crewe Guest Is Best Review

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Day 1/46, 1-2 not great

Stupid kick off times 5pm on a Sunday is lunacy, (worse for the away fans to be fair), we all have our match day routines, adding 2 hours on shouldn’t be too confusing, but it is. Landed in Sunderland at…

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SAFCBlog #1082 – Ipswich Preview

I’d forgotten Ipswich got relegated with us under Coleman, like most teams they beat us twice that season, the 5-2 away defeat, (albeit I left 55 minutes), was shambolic even by that seasons standards. We had the measure of them…

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