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SAFCBlog #964 No Football SPZL

I’m bored already, the WC starts on Sunday, ordinarily that would be a source of much excitement, as discussed I’m ambivalent towards it at best, that said I’m looking forward to watching Wright, Bennette & England. It’s just weird that…

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SAFCBlog sort of World Cup preview, (shit)

Expectation Let’s see, there’s better teams than us, but knockout football doesn’t always lead to the best teams prevailing, we have a favourable group, we should beat Iran on Monday, after the excitement of Friday night football last week, I’m…

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The season so far 4/10

20 games played, anyone who occasionally reads SAFCBlog will know I review the season after each 5 games. Issue 952/1000 tonight, (+ a few inappropriate issues, consigned to draft). The World Cup Whilst the PL has 5 weeks off, we…

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Birmingham 1 vs Sunderland 2

1st half…. Aside from 1 good chance after a lovely ball from Roberts, the 1st 25 minutes or so must have been quite a tough watch for any neutrals tuned into SKY? A couple of key moments defined the first…

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SAFCBlog Pre Birmingham SPZL

Last night and Tuesday Plans Most of our shortcomings this season have been a product of not having a fit striker, our recruitment has been better the last 12 months than it’s been for years. Realistically Ross Stewart is off…

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Birmingham Preview

Are Birmingham any good? Troy Deeney is a proper handful and if ever there was a type of player to score against us, he fits that mould. I’ve no idea who else plays for them, but it’s on TV, so…

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A Long Week

Friday No midweek game, but at least Friday is sooner than Saturday, I’m looking forward to Friday already, hopefully Birmingham get battered and bruised tonight vs Preston and they tired for the match on Friday? Keep saying it, but let’s…

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SAFCBlog 956/1000 – Winding down to the World Cup

One more game After Saturdays shitshow, we could really do we getting something from the game at Birmingham. I’m more fortunate than most who will be going as I have a 90 minute head start, but travelling anywhere south on…

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Sunderland 0 vs Cardiff 1, Dreadful….

We were absolutely dreadful yesterday, I got waylaid on Friday and didn’t have time do a match preview, sorely tempted to skip the match review, but I won’t. The Championship After the years of L1 misery I’ve really enjoyed this…

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Huddersfield 0 vs Sunderland 2, Job Done.

It was hugely important we won last night… Getting there… Shite traffic and weather, but piece of piss really, Quick pint in a WMC that could be best described as very, very West Yorkshire, Proper carpet✅ The Stadium Bizarre really…

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