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Wembley Bound Wonderland Win at Lincoln

We were absolutely shite on Saturday, thankfully just 3 days later we have the chance to Bounce Back at Lincoln. Saturday was bad, not quite Christine Talbot leaving Calendar or The vandalism of the Blue Peter Garden bad, but still…

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Lincoln Tomorrow in some Tinpot Cup in preview…

We were rubbish on Saturday, it was a long day, we have loads of games on the horizon….. Lincoln Away in the Pizza Cup is one to not bother with….. In Preview……. Whilst there’s a big church, some over spiced…

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Portsmouth Away In Preview….

We are away at Portsmouth on Saturday, it’s a long way – I’m at a time of life that the distance means less to me than Vienna does to Midge Ure….I’ll be there Saturday with 2450 others, no doubt loads…

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The Demolition of Cheltenham Reprise….

A 5-0 win is a great result at any level, Cheltenham were arguably as bad as we were good, but let’s not forget that we have laboured desperately against many a shite teams over the course of the previous 4…

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Sublime Sunderland Slaughter Cheltenham

The Bright Lights of a Tuesday Night…… I hadn’t really thought about it, but tonight was another giant step back to normality, everyone loves a midweek game under the lights. The reason I’d probably not thought about it was we’ve…

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Cheltenham Town Match Preview…..

We’ve only ever played Cheltenham once, back in the days when we used to occasionally play teams like Cheltenham in the League Cup….. we are now, (deservedly so for both parties), on a level playing field with them – at…

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Sunderland Beat Bolton 1-0…..

Great result yesterday, it’s probably the worst we’ve played this season – but it’s another 3 points in our quest of getting towards what we must achieve Come What May? We possibly deserved 4 points from Fleetwood and Bolton and…

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Bolton at Home….. Tomorrow….

Huge game tomorrow, it’s only a day away, 24 hours, 1/7 of a week…. Call it what you will…. The Game…. I’m really looking forward to it, should be decent crowd as I imagine they will bring circa 2’200? It’s…

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Up Next – Bolton at Home….

Now that the dust has settled, QPR Away is not the end of the world? Winnable and London offers plenty… Saturday….. 2 sleeps and can’t wait – we’ve started well, but more so… the games are good to watch –…

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SAFCBlog Cup Draw Wednesday Club

Last Night….. We completely controlled the game, it was a hugely positive performance all over the pitch, it’s been a pretty miserable 5 years or so watching SAFC, we have often come up against teams and just never even given…

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