“Catts All Folks…..”

Lee Barry Cattermole yesterday announced his retirement from playing professional football. He’s relatively young, (32), he’s had plenty of injuries – any player choosing to retire when he could carry on collecting a wage, at a level that isn’t his best, gets my respect. Lots of opinions online over the last few days, so it seems only right that SAFCBlog looks at his time with us.

Giving a Shit……

I’m hugely passionate about the club, Lee was too. Whilst he was well paid etc, he really cared. I watch every game Sunderland play and I can categorically say that whilst it should be a prerequisite for footballers to care, there’s loads that don’t….. some players;

  • Acknowledge the away support rather than trudging off down the tunnel
  • Take time to talk to kids etc rather than mooching about with headphones on
  • Chat to fans at evening events, rather than skulk about avoiding eye contact, (yes that’s you Jordi Gomez and Adman, *weak as piss*, Januzaj)

Lee is a credit to the game, I’m sure he’ll be back soon coaching and good luck to him, suspect he’ll take some time out. I’ve purposely avoided his off pitch headlines, (not relevant when looking at his football career). Just as off pitch matters can be deemed irrelevant, it could be argued that being a decent bloke is irrelevant? 

On the a Pitch…….

253 games in the best part of ten years and 14 goals from midfield isn’t the best stat wise? It’s a game of opinions, but for me, we were better when he was in the team. He’s clearly a leader and I’m positive he will forge a career in coaching or management, whilst opportunities are hard to come by….. just think Lee Bowyer and Joey Barton, whilst they are an easy target – both have achieved success as managers, based on fitness, togetherness, respect and work ethic. There’s absolutely no reason for a Lee not to follow this path?

Seeing Red…….

7 red cards isn’t brilliant, but there’s a real element of lazy journalism?  He got 6 red cards in 99 games, he hasn’t been sent off for the best part of 5 years, his reputation got him lots of yellow cards. He retired at 32, he was 27 when he was last sent off, (as I say lazy journalism Merson, Stelling  etc)

Game of Opinions…..

I reckon I watched the vast majority of his appearances, and he was consistently one of my preferred players. 

Pictures and Words……

“Stay down Ginger Piss Biscuit……”
“Jog on you horrible little bastard….”
His best season was under Gus…..
The greatest of great escapes…..
His best ever game for us……
Only ever going to be one winner here?
Lots of positives….. but….. I don’t care what anyone says, he was pissed vs Villa on New Years Day 2014?

SAFCBlog Verdict…..

My opinion counts for nowt, but for me his contribution was positive…. cheers Lee.

Lee isn’t finished with football, whether we see him at Sunderland again, who knows? Like anyone if he’s the right man, he’ll be welcome …. if he’s not, we’ll leave it there. Let’s not have another few years clamouring for his return, (a la SKP), just because he has an association with us.

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The Final Word……

Only a short clip, but it says everything…..

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