Netflix – Humble Pie Vs Eton Mess

Charlie Methven Sunderland AFC

Netflix – Humble Pie vs Eton Mess

Netflix – 2nd half report…….

Charlie Methven Sunderland AFC
“Sup up your beer and collect your fags………”

Charlie Methven Sunderland AFC

Having looked at episodes 1-4 of Sunderland Til I Die last night, I thought I’d look at episodes 5-8. Turns out there was only 6 episodes this time.

Thinking back to 1-4, the cracks started to appear at the end of the 4th episode, when the lad on the podcast dared to question the owners regarding Will Grigg…….

I actually quite liked Charlie’s enthusiasm and energy in episode 1, (but I guess he’s a PR guy with a camera on him?)

“Methven….. capital M… E,….t….h….v….e….n

We’ll all have our own opinions after watching the series – but I’m really uncomfortable with the way he spoke to the Irish lady re: the Bradford attendance – completely unacceptable on all levels. The Bradford attendance feature neglected to mention the ‘gift of football’’…… which involved thousands of fans paying for thousands of tickets for less fortunate fans to attend – perhaps it wasn’t Charlie’s idea?

Sunderland Til I die Episodes 5 and 6

No great surprises, just reminders. Losing at Wembley was fucking horrible at the time, it’s not brilliant on TV either.

I never bother watching our matches back on TV, I’d forgotten how well we played vs Portsmouth in the 1st leg. The save from Honeyman’s header was sublime, McGeady nearly broke the crossbar and the goal from The King was brilliant. Had Ozturk not been wrongly sent off, we’d have put the tie to bed that night?

Black Cat House…….

Over the years I’ve had loads of contact with the administration side of the club, buying tickets, player sponsorship, advertising etc…. the staff are absolute class, you can almost feel the smile down the phone. I might be wrong, but I’m pretty confident that once Charlie walked out of the offices there were some hand gestures?

“Got to go chaps, there’s a sale on at Cordlings and I’ve got my eyes on some rather fancy mustard slacks….tally fucking ho”
“I’ve never, (as yet), bought a footballer, but like many others I’ve negotiated on cars, houses etc….” “you wanted £1 million we’ve offered £1.25 million, that’s our final offer, now take it or leave it….”, “lovely jubbly, deal done… £3 million rising to £4 million, now get Alfie Flowers on the dog and bone and say we’ll take the rest of those lawnmower engines….”

A game of opinions……

…….and rightly so. I had my opinion before watching the series, my opinions remain unchanged.

On the pitch……..

I’d forgotten just how much we gassed promotion. After the 2 away wins in a week at Accrington and Rochdale, it really was in our hands. In 39 games, we’d lost twice and had 79 points. We then went D,L,W,D,D,L,L – 6 points from the last 7 games! Still I suppose we’d have been absolutely fucked if we’d have gone up with that squad?

Sunderland Til I Die
2 trips West in 4 days and 6 points…..JOB DONE I’D SAY?

Losing to Charlton…….

This can be dressed up anyway you like – it was horrible. We were gifted the lead and never really looked like winning? I hadn’t realised what a great save it was from Grant, 2-0 and it’s maybe a different story? I said at the time…have no regrets, don’t let it pass you buy, don’t leave anything out there…… sadly for whatever reason, it was our most unmotivated performance of the season.

Sunderland Til I Die SAFC Blog at Wembley
Charlton 2 Sunderland 1 – horrible

I hoped we’d beat Charlton, I really believed we’d beat Charlton. To be fair, they deserved to win and the achievement from where they were as a club in August was sensational.

So there it ends….. for now anyway. Netflix will polarise opinions, the truth is I love the City, I love the team, I love the lads I go with. Charlie and Stewart?……Not for me

“Oh shit………what’s half of £40 million love?”


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