Charlton Academicals Away Preview….

After Manchester, London is the best city in our green and pleasant land. London away days are just brilliant, even since the demise of the Flying Scotsman, and it’s Eastern European Beauties collecting £1 coins in a pint pot, (according to reports from others), London is still a great place for a day out. I lived and worked, (infact make that worked and lived), in London for a number of years – it’s shite compared to the North…. but a ‘5.30am alarm, train cans, arriving at Kings Cross, breakfast beers in Millers, the tube etc…. is a thing of beauty.

We’ve only got one london game this season and we aren’t allowed to fucking go! It’s just absolute fucking nonsense…. there’s non league games with 500 in attendance, there’s Park footie with hundreds watching, the jobs fucked?

Bloody Charlton…..

We didn’t bother playing them last season, as they were in the Chanpionship after winning a play off final in the 95th minute….. never look back etc… but we started in August with a 95th minute goal to beat them 2-1, we finished in May with a 95th minute goal to lose 2-1. From the outside that day at Wembley should be a painful memory? Bizarrely it’s not….. gifted a lead, didn’t do ourselves justice, negative tactics in the extreme etc….not a good day, but both teams probably got what they deserved?

Wembley – consistently Shit

The past was yours the futures mine…..

On paper, they had a favourable start fixtures wise, 3 points from 9 is a  shite return. After years of turmoil, they have finally sorted a positive change of ownership….. it’s probably a good day to be playing with no fans? 

Whilst clearly a handful, Marcus Maddison is the best player in division 3……

The shittest jumper ever?

So what happens Saturday?

Parky knows the club inside out, we are better than them; SAFCBlog predicts……..Happy Valley Days, CAFC 0 SAFC 3.

Stay of execution for SAFCBlog…… thankfully I’m one of the independent outlets that has never offered any criticism of our current owners. 

SAFCBlog – Now a member of the Football Writers Association – FTM

London = Beautiful

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