SAFC 0 vs CAFC 1…

We welcome Charlton to the SOL today, this time 3 weeks ago we were at Portsmouth and we were absolutely shocking, we’ve won the 4 games since then, this is hugely encouraging. We aren’t going to win every game, bizarrely I’m more worried about a raft of cautious draws than I am the odd defeat, losing heavily isn’t ideal, but as and when it happens, if it serves as the proverbial kick up the arse, it’s definitely not the end of the world. Winning 6 out of 6 home league games is tremendous, it obviously means every home game now is a potential banana skin, but that’s a product of winning, so that’s fine. It’s a long old season and it’s an exact science in terms of points = rewards, but a win today would be huge for momentum, it then means not getting beat at Rotherham or Wednesday become acceptable results and we go into back to back home games looking at 6 points, sounds simple – but that’s what teams who win leagues do?

November > Noproblem⚽️🔴⚪️✅
December….. much has been said that we have had a tough start, we all know things can change, we all know not to get carried away etc….. but once we get the Rotherham and Sheff Weds games ticked off, there really is absolutely no reason, (or excuse), for this squad of players to not be sitting very, very pretty by the turn of the year?

New Manager Bounce?

They’ve sacked their manager…… that’s of zero relevance to us, I just don’t buy into that shite, like the Manager of the Month Curse, it should have absolutely no bearing on today’s game. For me it’s like companies that have been shite for years citing COVID 19 as a reason for them being shite, we might not win today, but them having a Caretaker Manager shouldn’t be even considered as a factor, (game of opinions etc)

Predictions via the Science of Graphs…..

Anyone who read, (*), my match preview will recall my prediction of a 2-2 draw, to be honest I surprised myself with this – just a gut feeling I had. Ultimately gut feelings do not benefit from the appliance of highly advanced scientific data, it seems only right to explore a more accurate prediction via a graph? It’s windy, so excuse the props, I’m also away from home so don’t have any graph paper or my, (special), pens…..

It’s all pretty self explanatory, as can be seen we have 7 wins from 7 home games, they have 1 win, a draw and 4 defeats from their 6 away games. Our Core coefficient is 7, compared to theirs of 1.5, they’ve played an away game less than we have home games, so they need an allowance of 14.3%, (taking them up to 1.71). So the core data is SAFC 7 vs CAFC 1.71, now obviously that’s not the score, we are 12 games into the season, (26.1%), whereas they have played 13 games, (28.3%). So….

SAFC (7 / 100 X 26.1) 1.827 vs CAFC (1.5 / 100 X 28.3)0.43

Simplified this means the score will be SAFC 2 vs CAFC 0 ⚽️⚽️

2-0 ….. The Appliance of Science ⚽️⚽️ Might buy some new pens with my winnings?

The Match…

SAFCBlog watching from afar today, I’ll be back on duty for Shepherds Bush Away on Tuesday night, I’ve passed my tickets on to a pal who has assured me he’ll send some pictures, (can’t be any worse than the recent standard of photographs?)

“What else are you going to on a Saturday?”
Plenty good enough – looking forward to Dajuku coming off the bench to score⚽️


I don’t really have any great need or desire to use a computer in my everyday life, I figured it would be simple to purchase the stream today?

It’s Saturday…… it’s 2.48pm…… surely computers should be able to tell if I’m abroad? Surely? Soccer Saturday it is then…….
To say that we invented potatoes, the Spanish are the undoubted kings of the potato crisp world 🇪🇸
Sir Walter, AKA The Potato King, there was certainly a look in the 1500’s

The Match…..

NB: The lack of being able to watch the game could have a negative bearing on the quality, (*), of the match report…..

3pm……. Kick off

3.30pm….. 0-0, “frustrating” is the view thus far

3.45pm…… 0-0

Must do better 2nd half??

60 minutes….. sounds average thus far, sounds like McGeady flagging, Dakuju Time?? Subs imminent?

66 minutes…… 0-1 FFS, Can’t be arsed to change my graph / prediction, hugely disappointing, but…., plenty of time left Lads

It would be great to get something from this game, Rotherham are hitting some serious form and it’s a tough game next week, it shouldn’t make any difference,….. but, it’s a tougher game if we head there on the back of a home loss?

Full time…… 0-1, that’s a terrible result, hard for me to comment any further, but I can almost feel the all too familiar feeling of frustration? We go again Tuesday, see you at QPR…..

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