6 Years Ago Today

Chelsea v Sunderland heat map

Chelsea v Sunderland

6 Years Ago Today

Chelsea Vs Sunderland, Sat 20th April 2014, 5.30pm

Not only is there no football to watch, even if there was we’d be in Division 3…. it’s only a few years since we were not so shite…….

SAFCBlog loves nothing more than a day out in London, before we look at 6 years ago today….. let’s reminisce about some other outings to SW6…..

Chelsea v Sunderland

SUNDAY 14.11.10…. Steve Bruce took his Sunderland team to Chelsea. Reigning champions Chelsea had won their last 11 home games, scoring 44 goals and conceding just 2. We are yet to win away in 6 attempts this season and last season we conceded 7 at Stamford Bridge……

Chelsea v Sunderland
Oh my days….. Chelsea 0 Sunderland 3….and it should have been more?

SUNDAY 07.04.13……DiCanio’s 1st game, a week later he was a hero with dirty knees! Lost 2-1, but will never forget the jumper he wore?

“When you’re on the 1st tee at 9am, and at Stamford Bridge at 3pm?”
Chelsea gaffer and Fat Spanish Waiter – Rafa Beneathus

Before we look at 6 years ago, let’s remember a visit to Chelsea was the last time we saw the lads in the Premiership, (hopefully not the last time ever)…….

SUNDAY 21.05.17…..we were already down. This was just a day on the piss. We lost 5-1….

Chelsea 5 Sunderland 1

Chelsea v Sunderland
“Fucking battered them?”
Chelsea v Sunderland heat map
‘David Moyes’….. ‘Football Prevention Officer’

That’s a lot of stats for SAFCBlog?

Yep, it is a lot of stats….. that’s because I am unable to offer much of a report of the day, (drink was taken). I left the ground at 1-1 on 26 minutes, (to be fair I was going to get kicked out anyway)….. consider the following…..

  •  Already relegated, we agree to stage a substitution for John Terry, (#26), on the 26th minute and give him a guard of honour….
  • Weak as piss Moyes…. this was the 26th time I’d seen us lose this season….. piss poor
  • Just imagine knocking on this fellas door and asking if the team who has let the city and fans down all season would give JT a guard of honour?
“Erm….. well ok Roy, just thought we’d ask…….”
  • Special mention to the 1 member of our group who didn’t leave on 26 minutes….. because he was asleep! Yes ….. a Premier League game with 41’000 in attendance and he was asleep!

Back to 6 years ago today… Chelsea v Sunderland

SATURDAY 20.04.14….3 days previously we’d drawn away at Man City – Chelsea haven’t lost in the 77 home games since Jose returned. We’ve got no fucking chance…….. I don’t want to go to Chelsea…… as previously alluded to, I’ve been lots and given the opportunity to head to the sun and sacrifice the inevitable at Chelsea, I decided to give the game a miss…….

5.30pm kick off….. 1 down early on, game over….. no SKY to watch….. head out for tea, (no WIFI)….. 10pm ……return home, check score….. we WON 2-1!!! The initial reaction was euphoria…. then I get to thinking about how it must be for the lads in London Town….. then, I do the only thing a grown man can do under such exceptional circumstances……. I go out and get absolutely leathered…..

SAFC Blog Borini
“It’s what Borini would have wanted…..”
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