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Choose Sunderland

Choose Sunderland

Choose Sunderland
“£3 million on todays special please…….”

CHOOSE…..Selfies, pints, transparency, final offers, Twitter, phone ins, North Stand netting, Jim White, investors, SJD Leisure, Covent Garden, contracts, high 5’s, flipping, photos, jobs for your mates, agents, promises, parachute payments, DMs, stick on sponsors, Ibiza beats, piss take parties, Debt(free), Madrox, Red Socks, Netflix, shiny seats…… bollocks to that CHOOSE SUNDERLAND

Choose Sunderland

So he was full of shit then? Some of us bought it, some of us didn’t – I didn’t, but that’s primarily because I’m a miserable, cynical old twat. All that matters now is what happens next…….

So What does Happen Next?

I’ve got absolutely no idea, this is a chaotic uncertain situation in … well chaotic uncertain times. Who knows?

  • The fallout from this pandemic will be lots of clubs for sale?
  • This may suit us as we are a huge club with the potential?
  • It may go against us, as there will be clubs that aren’t a complete shitshow available?

Lessons MUST be learnt?

Yeah……… but they won’t be. Add Sunderland to….. Charlton, Leeds, York, Birmingham, Cardiff, Hull,  Blackpool, Portsmouth, Coventry, Bolton, Bradford and Bury. It is an almost exhaustive list. Football is an emotional business – emotions come from the heart not the head? An emotional business indeed, a financially viable business, very rarely?

The wheels are off – but until owners are vetted as genuinely Fit and Proper, nothing will change….. it’s like going for a 30 year mortgage and saying, “I can pay year 1, after that I’m struggling but I’ve got a feeling house prices will rocket, I’ve got a pal in Uruguay who’s potted and failing that something will come up……”

Stewart Donald gambled, he lost the bet – bets are won and lost, hence the importance of never betting more than you can afford to lose?

There’s so, so many cliches that can be applied, too good to be true, all that glitters….., be careful what you wish for etc


Long after these people have been scraped from the bottom of our Adidas, there will still be a Sunderland…… OUR SUNDERLAND……. KEEP THE FAITH……FTM 

Those boys can jog on….. 


Oh, and Stewart…….


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