Christmas , SAFC And the gift of Football……

Christmas SAFC and the gift of football

Christmas, SAFC and the gift of football……

Already looked at the festive programme for SAFC, with time on my hands and another year ebbing away – what better time to look at what makes following a football team such a pleasure.

Whilst it’s a much used phrase, it’s a results business – it is 100%, I’ve never had chance to get bored of winning games and if I’m honest, it’s all about winning – I couldn’t care less about how we achieve said wins in terms of style of play. As great as wins are, draws are a killer, let’s hope for more 3 pointers in 2020 than we saw in 2019?

SAFCBlog is built on positivity, recent article titles have however included the words abject misery, frustration, despair, desperation etc….. despite such references SAFCBlog is a bastion of optimism compared to a lot of SAFC related social media, message boards, local press etc? So why do we love it so much? Here’s a few Christmas thoughts on just what is the gift of football…………

The Ecstasy

Christmas SAFC and the gift of football

The Agony

the Hope……The Expectation

the despair…..the desparation

Its about so much more than football

Whilst the aforementioned emotions are all part of following a football team, there’s so much more to it. 

As much as winning and losing is an emotional roller coaster – you can read about that in the newspaper; SAFCBlog has always tried to look beyond results, goals, yellow cards, attendances, league tables etc. 

3 pm on a Saturday is when we play the game, but if that was the sole focal point, There’s every chance that a great many of us would have sacked it off some time ago? There’s much bigger matters to consider……….


SAFC Blog loves a match day kebab…. 

Peterborough kebab Scunthorpe Kebab SAFC Blog SAFC Blog Sheffield Kebab

Peterborough, Scunthorpe, Sheffield


Pothole Pete SAFC Blog legend

Pothole Pete he’ll be out there now checking the roads…


“Travelling to football – makes early morning drinking acceptable?”

SAFC Blog breakfast beers


I’ll be honest, I’ve surprised myself with this one, up til September 2017 I was enjoying a digital detox, (no internet, no smart phone etc), then my new car arrived – no CD player! Yep it’s all WIFI, Spotify and shite like that. 

I once again engaged with the smart phone world ….. it’s fucking mint, we all essentially have a, (high quality), camera in our pockets with instant access to images. I’m pretty sure most people will be familiar with the concept of camera phones – but taking photos is absolutely fucking brilliant fun……….

SAFC Blog Under the Bridge SAFC Blog at Burnley Doncaster 1 Sunderland 2

Stunning – SAFC And The Gift Of Football

The idiot who I travel with has discovered filters, black and white etc…….

Just when you think you are ok at taking photos, you realise that there are some fucking geniuses out there, none more so than @Yorktone, who takes so many stunning images whilst following York City.

If there’s a better photo out there than this I’ll have a mug and a mouse mat with it on please Max Spielmann …….

Tony Cole takes fantastic images of York City and Bootham Cresent

Absolute fucking genius

The Gift of football

The truth is that it matters not who you support, the venues, names, faces, results may differ, but the gift of football is a thing of beauty. 

There’s lots of people involved in the game, 11 vs 11, media, staff etc – but I’m of the firm belief it is still the people’s game, 100%.

We all have people with whom we share our experiences of football. 

For me it’s a idiot with a beard, a Harold Bishop lookalike, a PE teacher, a trained killer, an angry man with a beard, a Gemma Collins loving custard enthusiast, a man who never stops smiling and sells seawater, a shit hairdresser, a non league fanzine writer, a chap with a chocolate factory and a great man who’s words of wisdom on football but more so on life I couldn’t imagine being without……. 

Yep – the gift of football and the football family, (whoever yours may be), is a thing of beauty.

SAFCBlog loves a bit of positive music…. so where does 2020 take us?

  • Promotion?
  • The American Dream?

I would not have thought so? But that’s ok, it really is ok………..

happy Christmas to all football fans

See you on Boxing Day

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